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Domestic animals

Subject Source: Library Of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Account of estate sales, Mary Washington, 1789 October 29

 Item — Box 16, Folder: 1789.10.29
Identifier: RM-683; MS-4637
Scope and Contents

A.D. 4 pages. "Accot. of sales of the Stocks etc. sold at the plantation of the late Mrs. Mary Washington, on the 29th of October 1789." Some of the buyers include Charles Carter Jr., Bushrod Washington and Burges[s] Ball. Stock sold includes sheep, oxen, hogs, pigs, horses, cows. Autograph document, docketed.

Dates: 1789 October 29

Bill of Sale, with Lawrence Lewis, 1800 March

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1800.03.00
Identifier: W-810
Scope and Contents

Sale of eleven mules, three sheep, eight oxen, one cow and calf, two heifers, three cows, one riding horse, a quantity of plank, scantling and barrel staves and all the plantation [ ] Farm called Dogue Run, standing property lately sold to Lewis, amounts to $1279.40; Lewis to pay yearly sum of $90 till her death then either return it or pay George Washington's executors the above amount.

Dates: 1800 March

BW-1498 - Horse in Paddock , August 7, 1939

 Item — Box 6 (4x5)
Identifier: BW-1498
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

The Historical Photograph Collection is largely comprised of materials created by or for the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. Photographers primarily include staff members and contract photographers. The collection spans the 1930s to the 2000s and includes analog material made up of a variety of sizes of film negatives providing a visual history of the Mansion, outbuildings, tombs, grounds, events, visitors, collection objects, personnel, restoration, and changes throughout the estate.

Dates: August 7, 1939

Eleanor Love Selden Washington, Mount Vernon, to John Augustine Washington III, [1852?] February 6

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 13
Identifier: MS-4397
Scope and Contents

Anxious to hear about Mother [Jane C. B. Washington]. A man came “to apply for situation as overseer, at Marshall Hall…” Note at end of letter written by Louisa Washington. Misses her father. Writes about dogs, birds, and sheep.

Dates: [1852?] February 6

Letter, from John Parke Custis and 'A list of Cattle bought from Genl. Washington's Plantation', 1779 October 7

 Item — Box 19, Folder: 1779.10.07
Identifier: RM-1188.005 ; RM-1188.006
Scope and Contents John Parke Custis writes to George Washington from his Abingdon regarding an offer of seventy five pounds for his property on the Eastern Shore of Virginia - is confident he can get more. Custis himself is considering purchasing Philip Alexander's land at a tempting price. Expresses his pleasure and congratulatory wishes on the arrival of Count d'Estaing's on the American coast. Custis reluctantly addresses a misunderstanding between himself and Colo. Bassett regarding the valuation and care...
Dates: 1779 October 7

Letter, from Robert Lewis, 1799 February 13

 Item — Box 31, Folder: 1799.02.13
Identifier: A-301.258
Scope and Contents

He writes that he received a copy of an earlier letter to Maj. Harrison [Nov. 4]--desires to take Young Royal Gift to his stable to stand--another Jack in Culpeper now will cut down profits of the stud service--collection of rents goes badly--plight of tenants pitiable--tenants in Frederick and Berkeley mostly paid up--he will come to Mt. Vernon to bring rents and attend the marriage of his brother Lawrence with Miss [Eleanor Parke] (Nelly) Custis.

Dates: 1799 February 13

Letter, George Fayette Washington to Charles Augustine Washington, 1849 December 4

 Item — Box 70, Folder: 1849.12.04
Identifier: A-698
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Greenwood to Alexandria. Writes his brother family news--bad weather--killed some of C.A.W.'s sheep for fear of their starvation--feared to lose them all--Aunt [Frances] [?] is said by some to be going to marry Bushrod [Corbin ?] Washington. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, postmarked by hand "Brucetown Va Decb. 6th,." Name on original manuscript appears as "G. F. Washington, Jr."

Dates: 1849 December 4

Letter, to Burgess Ball, 1794 March 16

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 1794.03.16
Identifier: 2020-SC-012
Scope and Contents Autograph letter signed, two pages plus cover page with Washington's presidential frank. Washington writes Ball regarding a shipment of goods that he expects will soon depart Philadelphia after some delay. The shipment includes clover seeds and cocoa bean shells, latter intended as a gift from Martha Washington to Ball's wife, Francis (Fanny) Washington Ball, the daughter of George's brother Charles. Finally, Washington encloses an advertisement for the stud services of his prized livestock,...
Dates: 1794 March 16

Letter, to Charles Carter, 1788 February 5

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1788.02.05
Identifier: RM-153; MS-2430
Scope and Contents

George Washington passes on some information about Irish wolf dogs to Carter which he received from an Irish gentleman. George Washington does not think that mastiffs will fulfill the purpose of hunting wolves which Carter apparently wants.

Dates: 1788 February 5

Letter, to Robert Sprigg, 1787 September 28

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 1787.09.28
Identifier: RM-948; MS-5499
Scope and Contents

"Dear Sir, I have this moment been favored with your letter and with out date from Prince Georges County and have ordered the Jennies to be delivered to Mr. Dove--hoping both will prove with foal. Royal Gift never fails ...,".

Dates: 1787 September 28

Letter, to William Pearce, 1794 November 16

 Item — Box 9, Folder: 1794.11.16
Identifier: RM-490-F; MS-3983
Scope and Contents Potatoes and corn are likely to turn out well--keep enough buck wheat and potatoes for seed--it is miserable for a farmer to be obliged to purchase his seeds--exchanging may be useful--prices for wheat and flour in Alexandria--Sally Green and her distressed circumstances--James Donaldson into the Green house--Pyne was more a talker than [a worker]--fall plowing--cutting up the fallen timber--hogs for sale--culled sheep--Mr. Hawkins left sundry cuttings of valuable grape vines at Mr. Lund...
Dates: 1794 November 16

Letter, to William Pearce, 1796 December 4

 Item — Box 12, Folder: 1796.12.04
Identifier: RM-490-F; MS-4056
Scope and Contents

Washington writes that he received no letter from Pearce which leads him to conclude that something more than common has happened--on board of Capt. Ellwood are oil, paint and oznabrigs--directions for distributing and cutting oznabrigs--dependence of the gardener's wife and Allison's wife-planting shrubs--Mr. Anderson--Washington expresses his wishes to have an icehouse prepared when ice forms--hopes Frank has taken care of the tarriers [terriers]--female in heat.

Dates: 1796 December 4

Letter, to William Pearce, 1794 February 24

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 1794.02.24
Identifier: RM-490-F; MS-3951
Scope and Contents George Washington assents to Pearce's request to meet his children in Baltimore--payment of wages to Mr. Stuart--enclosed some early colliflower seed, sent by Mrs. Washington--promises to send copy of advertisement of terms on which jacks and stud horses are to cover--mentions Crow's inattention to stock in regards to sheep sheering--St. Foin seed and India hemp--hares being destructive--lucern--enclosed three bank notes for Rev. Mr. Muir and Mr. Hartshorne--warns not to take mares from the...
Dates: 1794 February 24

Letter, to William Pearce, 1794 March 2

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 1794.03.02
Identifier: RM-490-F; MS-3952
Scope and Contents George Washington explains horse advertisement--care of the youngest jack and mules--Peter--tells Pearce to keep an exact account of all mares and jenneys that go to the jacks--Mr. Prescot of Loudoun (or Fauquier) owes yet for last year--speaks of Mr. Lewis' account that the new visto is opened much further than intended--instructions to buy as much good Oznabrigs--for the making of clothes for the Negroes--requests a sample of the linnen--comments on the price of midlings and ship stuff and...
Dates: 1794 March 2

Letter, to William Pearce, 1794 May 18

 Item — Box 8, Folder: 1794.05.18
Identifier: RM-490-F; MS-3962
Scope and Contents Crops suffering from drought--Mr. Dandridge--oats on last vessel have disappeared--has enclosed four small papers of seeds which have been sent from a curious gentleman in Europe--keeping of clover for seed--buck wheat--timothy--heavy cost of these in the markets of Philadelphia--value of various grasses--clover ought to be well cured before stacking--Crow--both cattle and sheep will benefit from turnip--asks about the drilled wheat and common wheat--ought to be ripe by the 8th or 10th of...
Dates: 1794 May 18

Letter, to William Pearce, 1794 May 25

 Item — Box 8, Folder: 1794.05.25
Identifier: RM-490-F; MS-3963
Scope and Contents Crops labouring under drought--2 or 3 fine rains have fallen in Philadelphia in past week--unfavorable account of the drilled wheat--great change and decrease in number of sheep since George Washngton's leaving 5 years ago--average fleece from 5 pounds down to 2 pounds--ship Peggy arrived in George Town with the white thorn trees and Mr. Lear's fruit trees--enclosed list for gardener--fence around slave quarters at Union farm--sent oats--on next vessel Washington will send paper for the...
Dates: 1794 May 25

Letter, to William Pearce, 1794 June 8

 Item — Box 8, Folder: 1794.06.08
Identifier: RM-490-F: MS-3965
Scope and Contents Lambs were not to be sold--if any were, Washington never received the money--plans for the selling/care of the sheep--never kill the females--comments on those who would go against his plan--his absence has afforded them the opportunity--overseers not allowed to sell any animals--Mr. Stuart's selling butter--Washington never entertained an unfavorable opinion of Stuart and always a bad one of Green--Mrs. Stuart fraudulently furnishes butter for McKnight's Tavern--Mrs. Fanny Washington and...
Dates: 1794 June 8

Letter, William Stuart to David Stuart, 1802 January 20

 Item — Box 37, Folder: 1802.01.20
Identifier: R-230; MSS-1016
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 3 pages. New Kent. Concerns a shipment of wheat ... no demand for wheat or corn ... cider here for Mrs. W-n; will send some to Norfolk at first opportunity ... Had to get a new cog wheel for the mill ... Richmond market full of meat of all kind; cattle and sheep still on my hands ... Autograph letter signed, integral cover.

Dates: 1802 January 20

Memorandum of agreement, George Augustine Washington and Matthew Whiting, 1787 November 5

 Item — Box 12, Folder: 1787.11.05
Identifier: RM-530; MS-4513
Scope and Contents

D. 1 page. Whiting exchanges "... two Cows under seven years old, thirteen herd of Sheep under four years old" for a year's rent of land in Berkeley County (see Agreement, Nov. 3, 1787). Washington allows four pounds ten shillings for each cow and twelve shillings per herd of sheep.

Dates: 1787 November 5