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Real property

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered works on real property in the legal sense, i.e. the law of immovable property, works on real estate in general, and, with local subdivision, surveys of property in particular places. Works on land laws are entered under Land tenure--Law and legislation.

Found in 53 Collections and/or Records:

A chorographical map of the northern department of North-America, 1780

 Item — Drawer 122 : L : 5, Section: 4
Identifier: 2020-IL-001-150
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

This collection contains approximately 300 rare printed maps, unique manuscript maps, and published texts collected by Richard H. Brown, which pertain to the American Revolutionary War era.

Dates: 1780

A chorographical map of the Province of New-York in North America, divided into counties, manors, patents and townships : exhibiting likewise all the private grants of land made and located in that Province, 1779

Identifier: 2020-IL-001-154
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

This collection contains approximately 300 rare printed maps, unique manuscript maps, and published texts collected by Richard H. Brown, which pertain to the American Revolutionary War era.

Dates: 1779

A compleat map of North-Carolina from an actual survey, 1770

 Item — Closed Stacks, Drawer: 32
Identifier: 2019-SC-034-009

Shows rural householders' names. "Publish'd according to Act of Parliament, May the 1st, 1770, by S. Hooper, No. 25 Ludgate Hill, London." Decorative dedication cartouche includes royal coat of arms, a native, and animals. "To His most Excellent Majesty George the IIId ... this map is most humbly dedicated by ... John Collet."

Dates: 1770

Account book, tobacco book, negros the property of Robert Peter taken November, lots in the city of Washington, 1784-1797

 Item — Box 37
Scope and Contents

Book of tobacco sales, list of enslaved persons belonging to Robert Peter, and lots of Robert Peter in the City of Washington with division by squares for the Commissioners and how they are disposed. The bound volume is made up of 178 pages. Pages 52-147 are blank. At some point the volume is flipped and entries are begun at the back of the book from pages 178-154. For viewing purposes those pages have been reoriented and reordered.

Dates: 1784-1797

Account of sales, real and personal property belonging to the estate of Aaron Leggett, 1860 August 22-24

 Item — Box 77, Folder: 1860.08.22-24
Identifier: RM-877 ; MS-5358
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

This collection of historic manuscripts dates from 1607-1933, with the bulk of materials dating from 1738-1868. The correspondence, journals and diaries, legal and financial records, estate documents, and printed ephemera in the collection primarily relate to the Washington and Custis families, the Revolutionary War, and society life in antebellum Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Portions of this collection have been digitized, as noted in the item-level descriptions.

Dates: 1860 August 22-24

Articles of agreement, Bushrod Washington, Henry S. Turner, John Hooe, Jr., 1824 August 4

 Item — Box 50, Folder: 1824.08.04
Identifier: 2020-SC-003
Scope and Contents

Autograph document signed in the hand of Bushrod Washington, for the sale of land in Prince William County called Yorkshire Farm.

Dates: 1824 August 4

Bond, with John Williams, 1787 May 29

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1787.05.29
Identifier: RM-115; MS-2314
Scope and Contents

Williams' bond is counter-signed by William Kerchival. Latter part of document tells of the seizing of Williams' property by the deputy sheriff for not paying rent as bound.

Dates: 1787 May 29

Clifton tract, 1760 May 20

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1760.05.20
Identifier: A-680.2
Scope and Contents

Reports the sale on behalf of the Commissioners, G. Fairfax, G. Washington & Chas. Green of the Clifton tract to George Washington at auction for L1210.

Dates: 1760 May 20

Clifton tract, 1760 May 20

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1760.05.20
Identifier: A-680.4
Scope and Contents

Notice of the sale of the Clifton Land [River Farm] to [George] Washington

Dates: 1760 May 20

Clifton tract, 1760 August

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1760.08.00
Identifier: A-680.1
Scope and Contents

Statement of cash and bills paid and in hand as a result of Court order in Chancerty pursuant to suit of Clifton vs. Carroll and others.

Dates: 1760 August

Contract, to John Posey, 1770 April 23

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1770.04.23
Identifier: RM-1022; MS-5650
Scope and Contents

Agreement for lease of 7 acres of land by John Posey to George Washington.

Dates: 1770 April 23

Decree, The court of Chancery in the Suit of Clifton against Carroll, 1759 April 11

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1759.04.11
Identifier: A-680
Scope and Contents

Court decrees that Sale of William Clifton's lands to Thomas Colville and George Johnston to be put aside, and lands are to be sold at public auction to pay off his just debts to Charles Carroll and other defendants. Washington G.W. bought this land at auction, and it became his River farm.

Dates: 1759 April 11

Deed, Dogue Creek, Hon. Catherine Lady Fairfax to Sampson Darrell, 1717 November 26

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1717.11.26
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-021
Scope and Contents Sampson Darrell deed for Dogue Creek land, George Washington's copy. Virginia deed for land described as located in Stafford County [Fairfax County], granted to Sampson Darrell for 162 acres by the Right Hon. Catherine Lady Fairfax, sole proprietor of the Northern neck of Virginia. Dated November 26, 1717 with a separate docket in the handwriting of George Washington relating to the 1717 deed that came into his possession after he purchased the land in his expansion of the Mount Vernon...
Dates: 1717 November 26

Deed, Giles Brent, 1654 September 6

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1654.09.06
Identifier: RM-283; MS-2832
Scope and Contents

Clerical copy of a deed for 1000 acres of land along the south bank of the Potomac River, Westmoreland County (the area became Fairfax County in 1742), Virginia, granted to Giles Brent, Junior. George Washington purchased the tract of land in 1760 and at that time may have acquired and annotated this copy of the 1654 deed. On the verso of the document George Washington's inscription reads, "1 copy, Richard Bennett, esq., grant to Giles Brent for 1000 acs. of Ld. 6th September 1654."

Dates: 1654 September 6

Document, Shares of great Dismal Swamp, 1785 May 1

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1785.05.01
Identifier: 2022-SC-004
Scope and Contents

Lists number of shares owned by individuals, including G. Washington, 1 share.

Dates: 1785 May 1

Indenture, to John Posey, 1772 June 10

 Item — Box 33, Folder: 1772.06.10
Identifier: RM-1155; MS-5874
Scope and Contents This indenture is the purchase agreement by which George Washington acquired six acres of land from John Posey. This tract of land was situated along the Potomac River between the mouths of Little Hunting Creek and Dogue Creek. The document is partially printed and filled out by George Washington in his own hand on June 10, 1772. Washington signed his name five times within the text, and Posey signed it at the conclusion. Witnesses John Parke Custis, Jonathan Palmer, Thomas Bishop and...
Dates: 1772 June 10

John Augustine Washington, Ledger C, 1774-1789

 Item — Box 91, Shelf: Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers
Identifier: RM-73 ; MS-2166
Scope and Contents Name index. pp. 1-107 ledger entries, 108-141 blank, 142-155 missing, 156-176 copies of leases deeds, etc. watermark.Box also contains loose items that originally went with the ledger including: 1) 1771 July 31. Letter, Anne Haulworth to "dear Madam," A.N.S. Request for 25 pounds of sugar ... 2) 1773 August 12. Letter, Jesse Coats to John Augustine Washington. A.N.S. Coats requests Washington to pay Thomas Blane the money Washington owes Coats ... 3) 1778 September...
Dates: 1774-1789

Land grant presented to Jacob Christman, Jr. by Thomas Lord Fairfax, 1753

 Item — Box 88 OVERSIZE, Folder: 1753.00.00
Identifier: 2020-SC-001
Scope and Contents

Document signed "Fairfax" on parchment. Grants 425 acres of land in Augusta County to Jacob Christman. As the document notes, this land along the Lost River of Cacapon was surveyed by George Washington.

Dates: 1753

Lease deed, between Penelope French and George Washington for Dogue Run Plantation and enslaved African Americans, 1786 October 18

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1786.10.18
Identifier: 2022-SC-001
Scope and Contents This agreement between George Washington and Penelope French secured for his use the last piece of property he added to his Mount Vernon estate, a parcel that would become part of Union Farm. French, who had a life in interest in the land and buildings, also leased to Washington the use of twenty-one enslaved people including "Will, Paschal, Paul, Abraham, Sabine, Rosanna, Daphne, Lucy, Delia, Grace, Tom, Isaac, Robert, Moses, Julius, Spencer, Nancy, Celia, Nell, Mitty, and Lett", and three...
Dates: 1786 October 18

Legal notebook of John Augustine Washington, 1853

 Item — Box 106, Shelf: Closed Stacks
Identifier: MS-5182
Scope and Contents

The first page reads "An account of the proceedings of the Commissioners appointed by the County Court of Fairfax County VA to assess the damages to be paid by the Manassas Gap Railroad to the Landowners through whose lands in Fairfax county the Railroad shall be constructed". John Augustine Washington was a commissioner along with J.B. Hunter, L.M. Ball, E.G. Ford, and G.M. Millar. This is an account of their surveys including their travels to the various sites.

Dates: 1853

Letter, Daniel C. Brent to William Washington, 1809 September 23

 Item — Box 42, Folder: 1809.09.23
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-010
Scope and Contents

Daniel C. Brent, Dumfries Virginia, writes to Col. William Washington, concerning land and timber upon the property located in Stafford, Virginia, and the mortgage left between General "Light Horse" Harry Lee and Mrs. Fitzhugh which is currently held up the county court. Henry Lee was placed in debtors' prison as a result for not paying on his land transactions. Autograph letter signed, 3 pages, with integral address panel. Docketed.

Dates: 1809 September 23

Letter, from John Lewis, 1782 March 24

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1782.03.24
Identifier: A-301.88
Scope and Contents

Death of his father [Fielding Lewis]--father's will directs Dismal Swamp lands and others to be sold-estate in debt--give opinion on accepting credit and also description of land--mother [Betty Lewis] and family well--" ... as well as is the old Lady-forwards letter from Havana.

Dates: 1782 March 24

Letter, from John Lewis, 1784 April 27

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1784.04.27
Identifier: A-301.91
Scope and Contents Little news regarding Washington's Ohio lands and plantations under Simpson--can't write what he heard in a letter--David Bradford, lawyer, has news of lands, enclosed copy of his letter--recommends Bradford as good agent for Washington's business there--people in Washington's Bottom on Ohio leaving after hearing he is to assert claim--rumor that Washington's land there has been recently surveyed among large tracts by Pa. People for sale in Philadelphia--people should be warned of a...
Dates: 1784 April 27

Letter, from John Lewis, 1787 December 15

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1787.12.15
Identifier: A-301.95
Scope and Contents

Incloses copy of account requested--will send account from Mr. Payne--is looking for father's [Fielding Lewis] paper of money payable and receivable from Washington--wants lands sold which father owned with Washington--if possible before he goes west this summer--how much can he get for shares in Dismal Swamp Co.?--has Washington heard of plan to drain it?

Dates: 1787 December 15

Letter, from John Parke Custis and Notice, John Parke Custis to "All Persons whom it may concern", 1781 July 11

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1781.07.11
Identifier: RM-1188.003 ; RM-1188.004
Scope and Contents John Parke Custis writes to Washington relieved to hear that his mother Martha Washington is back in good health. His family is suffering from an epidemic that his stricken many family members with his youngest son being dangerously ill. Custis apprises Washington of his current circumstances in dealing with a dispute of monies owed to Robert Alexander for land purchase includes a copy of a notice dates 26 May 1781 [see RM-1188.004]. Reports of damages by British troops to nearby neighbors...
Dates: 1781 July 11

Letter, from Lund Washington, 1782 December 4

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1782.12.04
Identifier: A-283.9
Scope and Contents

Lund encloses [Benj.] Dulany's letter concerning Mrs. French's landand Mr. and Mrs. D. agrees to sale of land.

Dates: 1782 December 4

Letter, from Lund Washington, 1782 December 11

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1782.12.11
Identifier: A-283.8
Scope and Contents

Lund writes about further efforts to exchange Dow and French lands, maybe Mrs. F. can be persuaded to trade Manley's land (adjoining French's), and has purchased Dow's land to bargain with Mrs. F along with a description of land.

Dates: 1782 December 11

Letter, from Lund Washington, 1783 January 29

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1783.01.29
Identifier: A-283.5
Scope and Contents

Lund writes about how Dow wants payment for land made in Philadelphia and will try to collect rents to repay what G.W. has borrowed. He will also get Gilbert Simpson [on Washington's western lands] to try to get money and James Cleveland to collect debt for Col. Wm. Crawford.

Dates: 1783 January 29

Letter, from Thomas Lewis, 1784 February 24

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1784.02.24
Identifier: A-301.90
Scope and Contents

Lewis, surveyer of Rockingham County, informs W. that he can find no record of registration of land on "Little Kanaway" by Col. [William] Crawford--lands on Ohio and Shurtee [Chartier] are regestered-Michl. Cresap disputes this--most of land in newly formed Mononghela county, should make inquiries there--receives condolences on death of brother [Gen. Andrew Lewis?]--death of Fielding Lewis--.

Dates: 1784 February 24

Letter, from Thornton Washington, 1786 June 6

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1786.06.06
Identifier: A-301.17
Scope and Contents

Thornton writes to request G.W. to send any papers dealing with Hight [Jost Hite] land, which he bought of his father [Sam. Washington] and is now up for litigation, if turned out, will have to move house he's begun to other of his lands adjoining this.

Dates: 1786 June 6