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Ledgers (account books)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Documents in which are entered debits, credits, and all other money transactions under each individual account or heading.

Found in 14 Collections and/or Records:

Account book, Fanny Bassett Washington, 1793 January - 1795 August

 Item — Box 99, Shelf: Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers
Identifier: RM-578; MS-4458
Scope and Contents

A.D. 46 pages. Autograph document, leatherbound ledger. Account book kept by Fanny Bassett Washington from the death of her husband George Augustine Washington until her marriage to Tobias Lear. Household, financial accounts.

Dates: 1793 January - 1795 August

Account, John Augustine Washington with Messer's deDrusina, Ridder, and Clerk, 1785-1787

 Item — Box 9, Folder: 1785.00.00
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-015
Scope and Contents

Account of Col. John Augustine Washington with the London agent Messer's deDrusina, Ridder, and Clerk. The account ledger includes items such as tools, shoes, clothing, dishes, cutlery, sewing . 1 sheet, 4 pages of implements, nails, snuff boxes, sugar, fabric, spectacles, and Hyson tea. Autograph document signed, 4 pages.

Dates: 1785-1787

Account, ledger account of kitchen staples, 1794 April-June

 Item — Box 35, Folder: 1794.04.00
Identifier: W-678
Scope and Contents

Day by day account in G.W.'s hand, of amt. and price of each item of food bought during the period--for month of June, no day by day account is included, but a total of each thing for 30 days of June.

Dates: 1794 April-June

Book, Overseer's Account book, 1785-1798

Identifier: AA-6; W-1171
Scope and Contents

This ledger includes a list of slaves at the Mount Vernon Plantations, clothing alloted to them each year, inventory of cattle, Nov. 15, 1785, accounts with the several plantations, accounts with shoemakers, overseers, and bricklayers. With other Accounts (including ones from George Augustine and Lawrence A. Washington, Tobias Lear, John and H. Fairfax, and Anthony Whiting).

Dates: 1785-1798

Diary of John Augustine Washington III, 1847 July 8 - 1850 March 9

 Item — Box 6
Scope and Contents

Includes "List of Negroes" and Mount Vernon farming and maintenance details. Loose note at the front reads "Extracts from the diary of my father" with notes on this diary and previous ones.

Dates: 1847 July 8 - 1850 March 9

Fairfax Family Ledger, 1739-1747

 Item — Box 98, Shelf: Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers
Identifier: RM-1191
Scope and Contents There are three sets of entries in the ledger. The first set of entries consists of 36 pages and date to 1739, 1740, 1742, 1744, 1745, 1746, and 1747 and individual lists are accepted and signed by William Fairfax ( 1691 – 1757) , who had just built Belvoir. Several pages are headed “Gedney Clarke Mercht of Barbados” who apparently is in charge of shipping items to William Fairfax in Virginia. The second set of entries in the ledger comprises most of the ledger and consists of 52 ...
Dates: 1739-1747

Farm account book, Anthony Whitting, 1791-1792

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1791.00.00
Identifier: W-776
Scope and Contents A.D. 25 pages. Corn account, 1791 for Muddy Hole and the other plantations--corn ground and oats to be planted in 1792, no. of acres per plantation--account of cattle sold, oxen sold, 1791, 1792--seed sown in 1792 in timothy and clover--account of farm and harvesting activities (sides of leather) Oct. 1791--account of seeds and grain in greenhouse loft, Nov. 1791--gardener's account, pork, beef, midlings, quart of rum--amounts of clover and timothy seed needed, bushels per plantation--amount...
Dates: 1791-1792

John Augustine Washington III, Ledger, 1857

 Item — Box 93, Shelf: Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers
Identifier: RM-1160; MS-5886
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

This collection of historic manuscripts dates from 1607-1933, with the bulk of materials dating from 1738-1868. The correspondence, journals and diaries, legal and financial records, estate documents, and printed ephemera in the collection primarily relate to the Washington and Custis families, the Revolutionary War, and society life in antebellum Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Portions of this collection have been digitized, as noted in the item-level descriptions.

Dates: 1857

John Augustine Washington, Ledger C, 1774-1789

 Item — Box 91, Shelf: Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers
Identifier: RM-73 ; MS-2166
Scope and Contents Name index. pp. 1-107 ledger entries, 108-141 blank, 142-155 missing, 156-176 copies of leases deeds, etc. watermark.Box also contains loose items that originally went with the ledger including: 1) 1771 July 31. Letter, Anne Haulworth to "dear Madam," A.N.S. Request for 25 pounds of sugar ... 2) 1773 August 12. Letter, Jesse Coats to John Augustine Washington. A.N.S. Coats requests Washington to pay Thomas Blane the money Washington owes Coats ... 3) 1778 September...
Dates: 1774-1789

Ledger, 1776-1795

 Item — Box 2
Identifier: 2020-SC-028-025
Scope and Contents

Autograph ledger dating 1776-1795 with miscellaneous information including purchases, loan certificates and numbers, list of clothing distributed to enslaved persons, and payments made to Jacob Young in 1795. Bound in marble paper and held together with straight pins, 32 pages. Several pages missing.

Dates: 1776-1795

Ledger for Fredericksburg property, 1781-1782

 Item — Box 2
Identifier: 2020-SC-028-024
Scope and Contents

Bound book of unused lottery tickets repurposed as a ledger. Includes entries for the Fredericksburg estate for January 1781 and January-December 1782. Total of 188 pages. Account information written on pages 1-42 and page 188, remaining pages contain no written information.

Dates: 1781-1782

Ledger, Mount Vernon distillery and fishery ledger, 1799-1801

Identifier: RM-929; MS-5468
Scope and Contents

In the handwriting of Tobias Lear (1762-1816), Washington's private secretary, and James Anderson, Mount Vernon's farm and subsequent distillery manager from 1797 to the time of Washington's death in 1799. Washington endorsed the ledger twice and approved accounts for fisheries, whiskey, shad, and herring.

Dates: 1799-1801

Lund Washington Account Book, 1772-1786

 Item — Box 112, Shelf: Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers
Identifier: W-693
Scope and Contents Contains accounts for the running of George Washington's Mount Vernon estate, its constituent farms and businesses. Entries document expenses for the fisheries, tailor work, voyage of the brig (or brigantine) Farmer to Jamaica in 1774, tools, clothing for slaves, expenses for various craftsmen, food, weaving, tobacco, and much more. Earliest entries are said to be in the hand of John Kirkpatrick, while the last two thirds of the volume are in the hand of Lund Washington. About a half dozen...
Dates: 1772-1786

William Carlin Ledger, 1765-1774

 Item — Box 92, Shelf: Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers
Identifier: RM-1031; MS-5663
Scope and Contents

The ledger of William Carlin, who was a tailor in Alexandria who made clothes for George Washington and other staff members at Mount Vernon.

Dates: 1765-1774