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Lists (document genres)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Transcribed collections of numbers, names, or other text indicating tallies of concepts collocated for any particular purpose.

Found in 29 Collections and/or Records:

Account of estate sales, Mary Washington, 1789 October 29

 Item — Box 16, Folder: 1789.10.29
Identifier: RM-683; MS-4637
Scope and Contents

A.D. 4 pages. "Accot. of sales of the Stocks etc. sold at the plantation of the late Mrs. Mary Washington, on the 29th of October 1789." Some of the buyers include Charles Carter Jr., Bushrod Washington and Burges[s] Ball. Stock sold includes sheep, oxen, hogs, pigs, horses, cows. Autograph document, docketed.

Dates: 1789 October 29

Accounts of Lawrence Lewis with Treadwell Smith, 1826 January 11-October 7

 Item — Box 51, Folder: 1826.01.11
Identifier: 2017-SC-007-002
Scope and Contents

Berryville. List of accounts for merchandise purchased by Lawrence Lewis from Berryville merchant Treadwell Lewis. The purchases include French brandy, rice, salt, linen, blank books, paper, molasses, cups, pots, halters, calomel, laudanum, and other dry goods.

Dates: 1826 January 11-October 7

Accounts of Martha Washington with MacLeod & Lumsdon for sundries, 1800 February 18, 1800 July 8-August 9, 1800 October 9

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents

List of items purchased by Martha Washington from Macleod & Lumsdon, dated at the top 18 February 1800, Alexandria. The accounts, dated 8 July and 9 August, include entries for 47 panes of glass, oil, paint for 30 mahoghany chairs, paint for a wine cooler, varnishing, picture frame gilding, and glazing. Signed by Macleod & Lumdsdon at the bottom, noting that the above money was received in full 9 October 1800.

Dates: 1800 February 18; 1800 July 8-August 9; 1800 October 9

Accounts of Martha Washington with William Jones, 1800 February 4

 Item — Box 13, Folder: 01
Scope and Contents

A list of clothing purchased by Martha Washington from William Jones of Alexandria. Includes suits purchased for enslaved workers Daniel, Marcus, Christopher, and Frank. According to notes on the verso, payments were received from James Anderson on 12 April 1800 and 15 May 1800.

Dates: 1800 February 4

Document, "An Inventory of the Estate of Lawrence Washington Esqr. deceased, as Apprais'd by us the Subscribers...", 1753 March 7-8

 Item — Box 33, Folder: 1753.03.08
Identifier: RM-736; MS-4964
Scope and Contents

Compiled by and entirely in the hand of George Washington, the inventory of his late elder half brother's estate lists, by room, furniture, books, and other household items in the Mansion as well as slaves, horses, livestock and other chattels.

Dates: 1753 March 7-8

Document, Detailed list of enslaved workers on French's farm, probably 1799 July 15

 Item — Box 15, Folder: 1799.07.15
Identifier: RM-1195
Scope and Contents

George Washington rented the slaves from Mrs. Penelope Manley French, widow of Daniel French of Rose Hill. In July 1799, Washington wrote to Mrs. French’s son-in-law, Benjamin Delany about returning the slaves.

Dates: probably 1799 July 15

Document, List of suits, 1797 May 6

 Item — Box 12, Folder: 1797.05.06
Identifier: W-814
Scope and Contents

Dated at the top, the list of 11 suits includes: "1 Full Suit of Regimentals;" ditto half; and suits of Spanish cloth; olive colour; dark brown; lighter brown; half mourning; raven grey; black; then under the heading "Velvet - Silk - & Cassimer” 1 full Suit – Velvet, 1 Uncut.

Dates: 1797 May 6

Document, "Memorandum of the Division of Slaves of the Late Lawrence Washington Esq.", 1754 December 10

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1754.12.10
Identifier: RM-698; MS-4745
Scope and Contents

This document divides Lawrence Lewis' slaves between Col. George Lee and the brothers of Lawrence Washington. It is signed by GW, George Lee, Ann Lee, and Aug. Washington. Witnessed by William Fairfax, George William Fairfax, Robert Merrie, John Dalton, Thomas Plummer, John Tuberville, John Carlyle, Sarah Carlyle, and Bryan Fairfax.

Dates: 1754 December 10

Document, Shares of great Dismal Swamp, 1785 May 1

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1785.05.01
Identifier: 2022-SC-004
Scope and Contents

Lists number of shares owned by individuals, including G. Washington, 1 share.

Dates: 1785 May 1

Document, Slave Census, 1799 July

 Item — Box 35, Folder: 1799.07.00
Identifier: A-366.65; W-1475
Scope and Contents

Lists Mount Vernon enslaved people, their relationships, occupations, and place of residence on the estate -- a list of "the negroes hired from Mrs. French." Autograph document, entirely in hand of George Washington, oversize document, laminated, George Washington's complete watermark. | Date on original catalog card appears [1799][July]. | [Probably prepared for information of his executors at the time he was drawing his will in July, 1799]. |

Dates: 1799 July

Enlistment form, 1775 October

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1775.10.00
Identifier: RM-1019; MS-5646
Scope and Contents

D.S. List of 21 names of soldiers enlisting in the Continental Army for 1 year. Scituate, Massachusetts.

Dates: 1775 October

Estate, list of enslaved people of Martha Washington, 1801 March 5

 Item — Box 9, Folder: 08, Folder: OUT
Scope and Contents Manuscript titled "A List of Negroes belonging to Mrs. Washington." A list of 121 enslaved persons who were Martha's dower slaves. Unlike the slaves owned by George Washington, Martha's slaves were not freed after her death and were inherited by the Custis descendants. Men, boys, women, and girls and listed in separate columns, each further broken down into the places where they worked: Mansion house, River Farm, Muddy Hole, and Union Farm. Five women - Amy, Alice, Peg, Agnes, and Old Judy -...
Dates: 1801 March 5

Lease deed, between Penelope French and George Washington for Dogue Run Plantation and enslaved African Americans, 1786 October 18

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1786.10.18
Identifier: 2022-SC-001
Scope and Contents This agreement between George Washington and Penelope French secured for his use the last piece of property he added to his Mount Vernon estate, a parcel that would become part of Union Farm. French, who had a life in interest in the land and buildings, also leased to Washington the use of twenty-one enslaved people including "Will, Paschal, Paul, Abraham, Sabine, Rosanna, Daphne, Lucy, Delia, Grace, Tom, Isaac, Robert, Moses, Julius, Spencer, Nancy, Celia, Nell, Mitty, and Lett", and three...
Dates: 1786 October 18

Letter, from John Parke Custis and 'A list of Cattle bought from Genl. Washington's Plantation', 1779 October 7

 Item — Box 19, Folder: 1779.10.07
Identifier: RM-1188.005 ; RM-1188.006
Scope and Contents John Parke Custis writes to George Washington from his Abingdon regarding an offer of seventy five pounds for his property on the Eastern Shore of Virginia - is confident he can get more. Custis himself is considering purchasing Philip Alexander's land at a tempting price. Expresses his pleasure and congratulatory wishes on the arrival of Count d'Estaing's on the American coast. Custis reluctantly addresses a misunderstanding between himself and Colo. Bassett regarding the valuation and care...
Dates: 1779 October 7

List of indebted individuals and amounts owed to Genl. George Washington's estate, 1847 January 29

 Item — Box 68, Folder: 1847.01.29
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-011
Scope and Contents

Bushrod Corbin Washington writes to John Augustine Washington III, "a statement by which to settle with the legatees of General George Washington". Includes a list of names and heirs with "quota to pay off debts". Autograph document, 2 pages.

Dates: 1847 January 29

List of property taken by Federal Forces from the Mount Vernon Farm of John Augustine Washington III, 1861 June 8

 Item — Box 78, Folder: 1861.06.08
Identifier: 2017-SC-010-006
Scope and Contents A list of property, including enslaved persons, reported to be taken by the 16th New York Regiment from John Augustine Washington III's farm near Mount Vernon. Although John Augustine sold the Mount Vernon mansion and grounds to the Mount Vernon Ladies Association in 1858, he retained property in the surrounding area. The list of slaves includes Jim Mitchell and Edmund Parker, who were later employed by the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, and Gabriel Johnson, who had escaped in 1845 and...
Dates: 1861 June 8

List of servants and redemptions, 1784 August 2

 Item — Box 89 OVERSIZE, Folder: 1784.08.02
Identifier: RM-545; MS-4193
Scope and Contents

A list of Masters and Indentured Servants [Fairfax County, Virginia] with their trades and terms of service. Includes George Washington, Lund Washington, and George Mason. Autograph document, laminated, 1 page.

Dates: 1784 August 2

List of slaves returned from British, 1781

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 1781.00.00
Identifier: RM-770; MS-5084
Scope and Contents

D.S. 1 page. List of Slaves Returned by the British Army. The list of slaves shows those who left with the British Ship the HMS Savage after it stopped about Mount Vernon. The slaves are individually described. They were taken from George Washington by Captain Richard Graves in 1781. On reverse: "A list of General Washington negroes that went to the British, 1781." Signed by Lund Washington.

Dates: 1781

List, "State of Captain Samuel Camp's Company", 1777 April 21

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1777.04.21
Identifier: RM-1032; MS-5664
Scope and Contents

2nd Company 1st Regiment Connecticut Militia--Lists categories for Capt. Camps's 42 men, shows which soldiers are sick, absent, discharged, dead, or deserted. Return - Connecticut Militia.

Dates: 1777 April 21

List, workers employed at the Shanandoah Falls, Potomac Navigation Company, 1787 October 18

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1787.10.18
Identifier: RM-587; MS-4470
Scope and Contents

Lists the names, occupations, and salaries of 86 workmen on the Potomac Company canal near Harper's Ferry.

Dates: 1787 October 18

Memorandum, List of slaves belonging to John Augustine Washington, 1787 July 25

 Item — Box 11, Folder: 1787.07.25
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-014
Scope and Contents

Division of slaves from the estate of John Augustine Washington amongst Bushrod Washington, Corbin Washington, and Hannah Washington. "West" Ford, "Billey", "Betty", and "Venus" are listed under slaves to Hannah Washington. 1 sheet, 2 pages of text.

Dates: 1787 July 25

Memorandum, of Land and Dogue Run Hands, 1799

 Item — Box 15, Folder: 1799.00.00
Identifier: MSS-291
Scope and Contents

This memorandum includes totals of the land to be cultivated and that in woods, waste, etc., probably all on Dogue Run farm--list of hands on Dogue Run with their [Ages?, probably drawn up with idea of renting the farm.] Also contains statements that wheat and cattle can be had also at reasonable valuation.

Dates: 1799

Memorandum of papers taken from Mount Vernon by Jared Sparks, 1827 May

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents

Manuscript list in the hand of Jared Sparks of all the papers of George Washington taken by Sparks from Mount Vernon. A note on the verso signed by Bushrod states that the papers were shipped on 13 June 1827 aboard the schooner Alexandria.

Dates: 1827 May

Military document, List of militia officers sworn in by committee of Westmoreland County Virginia, 1775 October 31

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1775.10.31
Identifier: RM-885 ; MS-5375
Scope and Contents

List of militia officers sworn in by Committee of Westmoreland County, Virginia, including John Augustine Washington, Colonel (brother of Groge Washington). Document signed by J. Davenport. 1 page.

Dates: 1775 October 31

Will, George Augustine Washington, 1795

 Item — Box 27, Folder: 1795.00.00
Identifier: RM-530; MS-4533
Scope and Contents Manuscript copy. D. 3 pages. Washington leaves his wife, Frances (Fanny Bassett), 1/4 of his plantation and stock. To son George Fayette, part of a tract in Berkeley County; 1000 acres of land "situated in the district set apart for the officers and soldiers of the Virginia line on the Ohio River;" and his gold watch. To son Charles Augustine, the remaining land in Berkeley Co. and 1000 acres of the above land on Ohio River. To daughter [Anna] Maria, 666 2/3 acres of the Ohio River land, a...
Dates: 1795