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Land surveys

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Documents, often maps, which record the measuring and marking of land.

Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

BW-4510 - Topographic Map of Mount Vernon by Morley Jeffers Williams - Plan 99, 1931 , June 1961

 Item — Box 3 (5x7)
Identifier: BW-4510
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

The Historical Photograph Collection is largely comprised of materials created by or for the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. Photographers primarily include staff members and contract photographers. The collection spans the 1930s to the 2000s and includes analog material made up of a variety of sizes of film negatives providing a visual history of the Mansion, outbuildings, tombs, grounds, events, visitors, collection objects, personnel, restoration, and changes throughout the estate.

Dates: June 1961

Document, Survey of Mount Vernon, 1759 October 1-2

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1759.10.01
Identifier: W-428
Scope and Contents

"I endeavourd to find out the true bounds of my Mount Vernon Tract of Land - but not knowing where it divided from Spencer's part of the River, nor being able to find harrison cornr Ash mentiond in his Deed to stand on the River side at the Mouth the Blind Pocoson - I began at two Ash trees and Elm ..."

Dates: 1759 October 1-2

Letter, to William Hunter, 1791 February 4

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1791.02.04
Identifier: A-301.2
Scope and Contents

Washington writes to the Mayor of Alexandria saying that an accurate survey is necessary of 10 miles square in question [the land for the Federal City] -- has engaged Mr. Ellicott to make it -- hopes corporation of Alexandria, Virginia will give all necessary help.

Dates: 1791 February 4

Map, Spencer/Washington tract, 1748

 Item — Box 36, Folder: 1748.00.00
Identifier: MSS-242
Scope and Contents

Map with notes and 'A table of explanation this platt.' See 1748, March 29, Depositions in the Suit of Thomas Marshall against Samson Darrell [W-243/A-D]

Dates: 1748

Plat, 643 acres of land belonging to John Augustine Washington, 1753 April 18

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1753.04.18
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-017
Scope and Contents

Plat showing the purchase of land for John Augustine Washington, acquiring 643 acres of land granted by Thomas Rutherford in Frederick (now Jefferson) County, VA. George Washington had also purchased land in Frederick County, acquiring 453 acres also from Thomas Rutherford, granted by Lord Fairfax. Autograph document, 2 pages, docketed.

Dates: 1753 April 18

Plat, Ferry and French's farms, 1783

 Item — Box 34, Folder: 1783.00.00
Identifier: W-179
Scope and Contents

Date on original catalog card appears [1783].

Subdivisions of fields of Ferry and French's farm--on reverse is an explanation--in another hand, of the alterations in the arrangement of the field.

Dates: 1783

Plat, Mount Vernon tract, 1769 July 10

 Item — Box 33, Folder: 1769.07.10
Identifier: W-1096
Scope and Contents

Docketed on back "West v Posey Plat & Report", in G.W.'s hand, laminated, watermark (crown over heraldic device & motto, & crown over GR), oversize document. [This was part of the original grant to Spencer which George Washington purchased from Captain Posey to help cancel that gentleman's debt to him and others]. The plat showing survey lines is attached to the report. A cover is attached, docketed "Papers Relating To Mount Vernon Trace of Land."

Dates: 1769 July 10

Receipt, to Edward McGuire, 1771 March 6

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1771.03.06
Identifier: 2022-SC-008
Scope and Contents

Receipt for 1 pound, 1 shilling paid by Edward McGuire for James Commack to defray the cost for a land survey for 200,000 acres allotted to the Virginia Regiment by Dinwiddie's Proclamation of 1754. Receipt text in another hand, signed by George Washington. Autograph document signed, small sheet.

Dates: 1771 March 6

Robert Brooke Survey, future site of Mount Vernon, 1741

 Item — Box 88 OVERSIZE, Folder: 1741.00.00
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-022
Scope and Contents Major Robert Brooke survey map of the future site of Mount Vernon. Survey plat map of land contained between Dogue Rung and Little Hunting Creek, shows the original grant of land between the Spencer family and the Washignton family originally granted by Thomas Lord Culpepper in 1674 to Col. John Washington, who arrived in Virginina in 1657 and to Col. Nathaniel Spencer for a grant of 5,000 acres. This land would later become the future property of George Washington, containing the plantation...
Dates: 1741

Survey and plat, Barnaby McHandry, 1749 November 9

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1749.11.09
Identifier: RM-1142; MS-5828
Abstract George Washington embarked on his first career as a surveyor of Virginia's uncharted western lands at the age of sixteen. Over the next three years he surveyed more than 70,000 acres under the employ of Lord Fairfax, proprietor of the Northern Neck. This position enabled him to earn an income, better his social standing, and acquire significant tracts of land. Washington also developed an intimate knowledge of Virginia's backcountry that served him well in two military conflicts....
Dates: 1749 November 9

Survey, distances from Cameron to Colchester, 1788

 Item — Box 35, Folder: 1788.00.00
Identifier: W-370
Scope and Contents

Survey by George Washington of distances from Cameron to Colchester.

Dates: 1788

Survey, George Nixon, 1750 April 14

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1750.04.14
Identifier: MS-5834
Scope and Contents Signed "Washington, SCC" (for Surveyor of Culpeper County), this survey details 400 acres of Frederick County along the North River. These lands originally belonged to George Nixon who assigned them to David Wood, on behalf of Daniel Wood. The latter assigned the lands to Dr. James Craik, George Washington's friend and physician, and Philip Bush in 1771. Washington recorded the survey in his field book on April 14, 1750, but may have incorrectly dated the finished document which reads...
Dates: 1750 April 14

Survey, Mount Vernon land, undated no. 72

 Item — Box 83, Folder: undated no. 72
Identifier: A-366
Scope and Contents

Survey, Mount Vernon Land. A.D. 2 pages. Plat of 150 acres of land at mouth of Dogue Creek, conveyed by Wm. Spencer to Richard Osborn, later a part of Mount Vernon. Document, possibly docketed in G.W.'s hand "Old Survey of no use," laminated, watermark.

Dates: undated no. 72

Survey, notes and plot of grounds in Northeast part of the pasture at Mount Vernon, undated

 Item — Box 35, Folder: ND2
Identifier: W-515
Scope and Contents

Partial document of a plat of Mount Vernon, 'Old Plat of the Grounds in the NE part of the Pasture of Mount Vernon from the Summit of the Hills on which the Log'd Cabbins are.' Page one is the survey, page two includes surveying notes in Washington's hand.

Dates: undated

Survey, partial, Ferry Farm with two crop rotation tables, 1787

 Item — Box 34, Folder: 1787.00.00
Identifier: RM-595; MS-4480
Scope and Contents

Portion of a large folio document containing approximately half of a survey of Ferry Plantation and 2 crop rotation tables for 1787 and 1797, entirely in George Washington's hand.

Dates: 1787

Survey, Pope's Creek Plantation, 1742 August 24

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1742.08.03
Identifier: RM-810; MS-5225
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 1 page. "Platt of a Survey made for Capt. Augustine Washington and Mr. John Washington in Westmoreland County ..." Contains metes and bounds and ink and pencil drawing of the tract bordered on three sides by Bridges Creek Potomac River and Pope's Creek. Later renamed Wakefield by Wm. Aug. Washington.

Dates: 1742 August 24

Survey, Spencer Washington tract, 1690 September 18

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1690.09.18
Identifier: A-516; W-648/A
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 1 page. Survey by George Brent of part of the land granted to Nicholas Spencer and John Washington. On reverse is a transcript of the grant by Lord Culpeper to Spencer and Washington. See under date March 1, 1674.

Dates: 1690 September 18

Survey, to John Posey, 1769 October 10

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1769.10.10
Identifier: A-481.1
Scope and Contents

Plat & Memorandum of a survey made by George Washington for Capt. John Posey

Dates: 1769 October 10

Survey, Ulrich Beeler, 1751 April 4

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1751.04.04
Identifier: RM-1108; MS-5786