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Legal documents

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: General term for documents having legal relevance.

Found in 38 Collections and/or Records:

Articles of agreement, Bushrod Washington, Henry S. Turner, John Hooe, Jr., 1824 August 4

 Item — Box 50, Folder: 1824.08.04
Identifier: 2020-SC-003
Scope and Contents

Autograph document signed in the hand of Bushrod Washington, for the sale of land in Prince William County called Yorkshire Farm.

Dates: 1824 August 4

Bill of sale, John Augustine Washington to Bushrod Washington, 1785 October 17

 Item — Box 10, Folder: 1785.10.17
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-016
Scope and Contents Bill of sale, John Augustine Washington to his son, Bushrod Washington. John Augustine Washington testifies, 'five shillings to me in hand paid by the said Bushrod Washington before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Have Given, Granted, Bargained sold and conveyed...the following Negroe Slaves.." Includes list of slaves by name. Signed by "John Augt. Washington" and witnessed by Jenny [Jane] Washington, Theodorick Lee and Corbin Washington....
Dates: 1785 October 17

Certificate and plat of the fragment acres in Montgomery County surveyed for Robert Peter, 1804 June 26

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 08
Scope and Contents

Certificate and plat for 5 3/4 acres of vacant land granted by special warrant to Robert Peter out of the Western Shore Land Office of Washington County in the District of Columbia. Surveyed by Joseph Elgar, Jr. Autograph document signed, 1 page.

Dates: 1804 June 26

Clifton tract, 1760 May 20

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1760.05.20
Identifier: A-680.4
Scope and Contents

Notice of the sale of the Clifton Land [River Farm] to [George] Washington

Dates: 1760 May 20

Contract, to John Posey, 1770 April 23

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1770.04.23
Identifier: RM-1022; MS-5650
Scope and Contents

Agreement for lease of 7 acres of land by John Posey to George Washington.

Dates: 1770 April 23

Copy of the last will and testament of Bushrod Washington, 1830 February 12

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents

A copy of Bushrod Washington's will in the Fairfax County Court. Includes instructions for the division of the Mount Vernon property, library, and enslaved population, with instructions that land should be given to West Ford.

Dates: 1830 February 12

Copy of the last will and testament of Hannah Bushrod Washington, approximately 1801

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 21
Scope and Contents

A manuscript copy of the last will and testament of Hannah Bushrod Washington, in which she specifies that her body be left out until it putrefies so that she is not buried alive. In her will, Hannah specifies that West Ford, the son of an enslaved woman named Venus, should be inoculated from smallpox, apprenticed to a tradesman, and freed at the age of twenty-one.

Dates: approximately 1801

Copy of the will of John Bushrod made for John Augustine Washington, 1760 December 30

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 15
Content Description From the Collection: The Bushrod Washington Family Papers consist of documents gathered by the descendants of the first President of the United States, George Washington. The collection comprises an assortment of correspondence and legal documents documenting the lives and property ownership of several branches of the Washington family. The collection is organized into five series: Correspondence, Legal Documents, Social, Miscellaneous, and Indenture Notices (Land Deeds).The Correspondence series,...
Dates: 1760 December 30

Court documents, Joseph Stevens trial, 1757 July 14

 Item — Box 88 OVERSIZE, Folder: 1757.07.14
Identifier: RM-1020; MS-5647
Scope and Contents

Documents detail trial charges of Joseph Stevens. Signed by Zachary Lewis A court document giving outcome of the trial is also included, Feb. 1758. Trial held in Caroline County, Virginia.

Dates: 1757 July 14

Court record, acknowledgment of receipt of last will and testament of John Augustine Washington, 1787 July 31

 Item — Box 11, Folder: 1787.07.31
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-005
Scope and Contents

At court held for Westmoreland County the 31st day of July 1787, the Will and Codicil made 1785 November 19 by John Augustine Washington and under the oath of executors Bushrod Washington and Corbin Washington along with William Augustine Washington was entered into and acknowledged bond with conditions as the law direct. Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate. Signed by James Bland, C.W.C and William Butler, D.C. and noted as 'A true Copy.' Autograph document signed, 1 page.

Dates: 1787 July 31

Decree, John Dandridge against George Washington Parke Custis and Thomas Peter, executors of Martha Washington's estate, 1829-1830

 Item — Box 9, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents

Two documents related to a settlement made by John Dandridge against George Washington Parke Custis and Thomas Peter, executors of Martha Washington's estate. One is a 1829 decree from the U. S. Circuit Court, signed by William Thomas Carroll; and the other is an account of money owed to John Dandridge signed by Benjamin Lincoln Lear, 1830 June 21. Autograph documents signed (2).

Dates: 1829-1830

Decree, The court of Chancery in the Suit of Clifton against Carroll, 1759 April 11

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1759.04.11
Identifier: A-680
Scope and Contents

Court decrees that Sale of William Clifton's lands to Thomas Colville and George Johnston to be put aside, and lands are to be sold at public auction to pay off his just debts to Charles Carroll and other defendants. Washington G.W. bought this land at auction, and it became his River farm.

Dates: 1759 April 11

Deed, Giles Brent, 1654 September 6

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1654.09.06
Identifier: RM-283; MS-2832
Scope and Contents

Clerical copy of a deed for 1000 acres of land along the south bank of the Potomac River, Westmoreland County (the area became Fairfax County in 1742), Virginia, granted to Giles Brent, Junior. George Washington purchased the tract of land in 1760 and at that time may have acquired and annotated this copy of the 1654 deed. On the verso of the document George Washington's inscription reads, "1 copy, Richard Bennett, esq., grant to Giles Brent for 1000 acs. of Ld. 6th September 1654."

Dates: 1654 September 6

Deposition in the suit of Thomas Marshall against Samson Darrell, 1748 March 29

 Item — Box 88 OVERSIZE, Folder: 1748.03.29
Identifier: W-243
Scope and Contents A.D.S. 9 pages. Deposition in the suit of Thomas Marshall against Samson Darrell. Depositions of William Godfrey, Robert Step[h]ens, Edward Violet, Penelope Osborne, Ann Drakeford, Daniel Ansdale, Thomas, Odford, John Gist, William Brummett, Elias Guess, Thomas Lewis, Bryant Allison, John Sno[w]den, James Halley, Sarah Lewis, John Simpson, and Jeremiah Sparks, in a boundary dispute between Thomas Marshall and Samson [or Sampson?] Darrell involving the line of the original grant to Nichol...
Dates: 1748 March 29

Deposition of George Fayette Washington, 1820 May 2

 Item — Box 45, Folder: 1820.05.02
Identifier: A-698
Scope and Contents

D.S. 1 page. Deposition of George Fayette Washington before WIlliam Waters, justice of the peace in Washington, D.C. -- deposer is the only surviving son of George A. Washington, late a Lieutenant in Virginia continental line -- claim for U.S. bounty lands -- his brother Charles A. and sister Anna Maria Thornton are dead, and sister's sons Charles A. ad Churchill J. Thornton to receive half. Document signed, docketed "Memo. May 2d to ex. and Rept. tomorrow," watermark.

Dates: 1820 May 2

Document, Complainant Robert Treat Paine on behalf of the State of Massachusetts vs. Margaret Draper, 1780 July 2

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 31
Identifier: 2021-SC-004-031
Scope and Contents Attorney General for the State of Massachusetts, Robert Treat Paine, signer of the Declaration of Independence, files a complaint against the respondent Margaret Draper, as she "levied war, and conspired to levy War against the Government and people of this Province, Colony, and State; and then and there adhered to the King of Great Britain, his fleets and armies, enemies of the said Province, Colony, and State; and then and there did give them aid and comfort". Partially printed document,...
Dates: 1780 July 2

Document, "Memorandum of the Division of Slaves of the Late Lawrence Washington Esq.", 1754 December 10

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1754.12.10
Identifier: RM-698; MS-4745
Scope and Contents

This document divides Lawrence Lewis' slaves between Col. George Lee and the brothers of Lawrence Washington. It is signed by GW, George Lee, Ann Lee, and Aug. Washington. Witnessed by William Fairfax, George William Fairfax, Robert Merrie, John Dalton, Thomas Plummer, John Tuberville, John Carlyle, Sarah Carlyle, and Bryan Fairfax.

Dates: 1754 December 10

Document, Summary of Pleas, George Washington and Bryan Fairfax vs. William Savage and Thomson Mason, 1774 May 17

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1774.05.17
Identifier: A-373.3
Scope and Contents Summary of pleas with case starting on May 18, 1772; other action taken on Feb. 22, 1774, and Mar. 23, 1774 -- final judgement given May 17, 1774-Savage ordered to pay £606.17.6. Document, laminated, watermarks (crown over GR, and crown over heraldic device), docketed "Washington vs. Savage - Record". | [As trustees for Mrs. William Savage (formerly Mrs. Charles Green) Washington and Fairfax were attempting to collect the money which her husband had promised in regular payments. Mason stood...
Dates: 1774 May 17

Indenture, Deed of Lease from Penelope French and Benjamin Dulany to John Robertson for part of Mount Vernon tract, 1784 January 1

 Item — Box 8, Folder: 1784.01.01
Identifier: A-516.4
Scope and Contents D.S. 3 pages. Conveys "All that plantation now in possession of the said Penelope French called the Dogue Run plantation in Fairfax County, and adjoining the land of the Immortal George Washington and a number of slaves thereon" for an annual rent of "One hundred and thirty six pounds Gold and Silver, Dollars at six Shillings and half Joes at forty eight shillings ..." Document signed, laminated, docketed "A Lease from Penelope French and Benjamin Dulany to John Robertson January 1st 1784,"...
Dates: 1784 January 1

Indenture, Henry Trenn to Lawrence Washington, witnessed by George Washington, probably 1750 March 1

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1750.03.01
Identifier: A-353.1
Scope and Contents

Henry Trenn binds himself to pay £50 unless he "make or cause to be made unto the above sd. Lawrence Washington ... a Lease for the Term of nine hundred ninety & nine Years of all the Land which is at this present overflowed by the sd. Washington Mill Dam included within the sd. Trenn Bounds on Dogue Runn ..."

Dates: probably 1750 March 1

Indenture, signed by Edward Zouche, 1576

 Item — Box 111, Shelf: Closed Stacks
Identifier: 2023-SC-003-003
Scope and Contents

Indenture, from November 1576, details a land transaction between Edward Zouche and his wife Elenor and three people from Hemyock, Devon county, England. Names appear to be Nicholas (last name unclear), John Perry(?), and Charles Ford. On bifold reads "Hemyock, Zouch to Cha Ford & Nov. 19." Related documentation from auction house indicates the document was signed by Lawrence Washington, the quintuple great-grandfather of George Washington.

Dates: 1576

Legal document, Power of Attorney to George Augustine Washington, 1789 March 18

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1789.03.18
Identifier: RM-530; MS-2042
Scope and Contents

George Washington grants his nephew, George Augustine Washington, power of attorney during the former's absence from Mount Vernon. George Washington was preparing to take office as first President of the United States, and George Augustine Washington acted as manager of Mount Vernon during George Washington's first term. Witnessed by Tobias Lear and John Fairfax.

Dates: 1789 March 18

Legal document, relating to Thomas and Sarah Grosham, 1687

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1687.00.00
Identifier: 2023-SC-003-006
Scope and Contents

Legal document from 1687, written on vellum. The first first paragraph is written in Latin; the subsequent text is in English. Appears to be dated 20 May 1687, and describes a legal obligation from Thomas Grosham and his wife Sarah to Richard Newsome(?). Document was witnessed by Rich Nicholson, [second name unclear], and Hen. Washington. The document and the second signature may be in the same hand.

Dates: 1687

Letter, Bushrod Washington to Charles Lewis, 1823 May 16

 Item — Box 49, Folder: 1823.05.16
Identifier: A-371
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter, signed. "Bush. Washington" writes to Charles Lewis Esq, regarding a possible arbitration or suit. Letter mentions Mr.Thomas Swann, Mr. Robert I. Taylor, and Mr. Walter Jones. Handwritten note at the bottom.

Dates: 1823 May 16

Letter, William Byrd to John Custis, enclosing copy of Daniel Parke's will and two related documents, 1711 July 2, 1710 October 27, 1757 May

 File — Box 1, Folder: 1711.07.02
Identifier: RM-770; MS-5099
Scope and Contents William Byrd writes to his brother-in-law John Custis, enclosing a will of their father-in-law Daniel Parke (dated 1710 December 7) regarding inheritance to their wives Frances and Lucy, daughters of Daniel Parke. Autograph document signed, 3 pages. Additional documents include a 1710 October 27 legal note regarding court settlement involving Daniel Parke - autograph document signed, small sheet; and an unrelated document with a list of receipts dated May 1757 of payments received from...
Dates: 1711 July 2; 1710 October 27; 1757 May

Order to register patent of land, 1674 March 9

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1674.03.09
Identifier: RM-374; MS-3128
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 1 page. Recorded in Stafford on March 12, 1690. Registered in deed book Thomas Lee. Addressed to "Mr. William [ ] our agent in Virginia" survey by John Alexander on April 27, 1669 granting 5000 acres to Spencer and Washington is patented and ordered registered.

Dates: 1674 March 9

Patent, to Jonathan Dickerson, 1791 July 30

 Item — Box 37, Folder: 1791.07.30
Identifier: RM-740 ; MS-4972
Scope and Contents

This printed document is a patent for a method of controlling tides, signed by George Washington as President, Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State, and Edmund Randolph as Attorney General.

Dates: 1791 July 30

Petition of Ebenezer Dayton to the Executive Council of Pennsylvania, certified by William Floyd, 1782 March 27

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 8
Identifier: 2021-SC-004-008
Scope and Contents

Petition from Ebenezer Dayton to the Executive Council of Pennsylvania. Dayton confesses how he did "flee from there [New York] as a refugee, leaving his lands in the power of the enemy", and petitions to acquire a "whaleboat". William Floyd, Dayton's neighbor, certifies Dayton's claims. Floyd is a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Autograph , signed, 2 pages.

Dates: 1782 March 27

Plat, 643 acres of land belonging to John Augustine Washington, 1753 April 18

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1753.04.18
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-017
Scope and Contents

Plat showing the purchase of land for John Augustine Washington, acquiring 643 acres of land granted by Thomas Rutherford in Frederick (now Jefferson) County, VA. George Washington had also purchased land in Frederick County, acquiring 453 acres also from Thomas Rutherford, granted by Lord Fairfax. Autograph document, 2 pages, docketed.

Dates: 1753 April 18