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Financial records

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Documents pertaining to money matters.

Found in 79 Collections and/or Records:

Account book, Fanny Bassett Washington, 1793 January - 1795 August

 Item — Box 99, Shelf: Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers
Identifier: RM-578; MS-4458
Scope and Contents

A.D. 46 pages. Autograph document, leatherbound ledger. Account book kept by Fanny Bassett Washington from the death of her husband George Augustine Washington until her marriage to Tobias Lear. Household, financial accounts.

Dates: 1793 January - 1795 August

Account book, Robert Lewis, 1803-1810

 Item — Box 38, Folder: 1803.00.00
Identifier: A-625
Scope and Contents Small, bound account book, A.D.S. 18 pages. Accounts of money received as interest of stock, as part of his claim to the estate of GW. Also, money received on like interest in behalf of Lucinda and Catherine D. Lewis, sale of stock belonging to Charles and John Lewis, Jr., memorandum of expenses, "Memorandum for the year 1805," which describes experiments made in planting crops and the results, "Memorandum of Monies Received and paid away on account of Charles Lewis - John Lewis - Robert...
Dates: 1803-1810

Account, Cash Memorandum Book, 1785 May 17-December 24

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 1785.05.17
Identifier: W-1091
Scope and Contents

Daily expenditures from cash fund on hand, and money received, with detailed explanation of some receipts and expenditures.

Dates: 1785 May 17-December 24

Account, Colonel William Washington with Joshua Riddle, 1803 May 14 - 1804 August 5

 Item — Box 89 OVERSIZE, Folder: 1803.05.14
Identifier: RM-115; MS-2317
Scope and Contents

Account, Col. William A. Washington with Joshua Riddle. D. 8 pages. Document, folio size. Contains ordinary accounts of miscellaneous goods.

Dates: 1803 May 14 - 1804 August 5

Account, Edward Moor to Mary Washington, 1772 April-August

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1772.04.00
Identifier: W-1310/A.16
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 4 pages. Account for 7 pr. plaid hose, black pettycoat, silk purse, pins, chrystall buttons, copper kettle, hair trunk, snuff box, etc. Autograph document signed, laminated, docketed "Rect. [Ed]ward Moore 13th October 1772," two sheets badly torn and burned, watermark (crown over powder horn and LVG).Receipted on Oct. 13, 1772, on second sheet by Edward Moor.

Dates: 1772 April-August

Account, Eliza Parke Custis Law account with Thomas Law, 1807-1809

 Item — Box 41, Folder: 1807.12.30
Identifier: RM-1150 ; MS-5847

Financial account of Eliza Parke Custis Law with Thomas Law from December 1807 to February 1809. Most relate to household expenses, includes an order of prints by Vanderlyn and two payments 'in favor of William Causten' [William Costin?]. Autograph document, 2 pages, docketed on the reverse.

Dates: 1807-1809

Account, estate of George Washington with Lawrence Lewis, 1806-1818

 Item — Box 40, Folder: 1806.00.00
Identifier: A-570
Scope and Contents

Account, Estate of George Washington with Lawrence Lewis. A.D. 2 pages. Account of money spent and received by Lewis as executor of G.W.'s estate - includes taxes on Kentucky land, City taxes, taxes on property in Alexandria, rents paid to Mr. Fitzhugh for rent of land for free negroes and money for support of free negroes. Autograph document in hand of Lewis, docketed by Lewis "No. 3 the Estate of Genl. Washington in Acct. with Lawe. Lewis." Laminated, watermark.

Dates: 1806-1818

Account, Free Negroes in Account with Lawrence Lewis, 1803-1811

 Item — Box 38, Folder: 1803.00.00
Identifier: A-570.6
Scope and Contents

This account in Lawrence Lewis' hand is the money expended for food and clothing for slaves during period 1803-1809. "Acct. Free Negroes $1645.05."

Dates: 1803-1811

Account, Jesse Hill with Mary Washington, 1786-1789

 Item — Box 10, Folder: 1786.00.00
Identifier: W-1310/A.32
Scope and Contents

Account - D.S. 1 page. Account from Oct. 1786-May 1789 amounting to £11.0.4 for iron work, shoeing wheels, ox chains, repairing old stock bands, etc. Credit given of £7.18.0 for 39 1/2 baskets of wheat. Document signed, badly charred, laminated, docketed "Acct. Mr. J. Hill for Mrs. Washington".Account sworn to on Aug. 13, 1790 by Chas. C[aller ?] and receipted by Abner Vernon.

Dates: 1786-1789

Account, Lawrence Lewis against the estate of George Washington, 1800-1802

 Item — Box 35, Folder: 1800.00.00
Identifier: A-570.2
Scope and Contents A.D. 11 pages. Lawrence Lewis's account of moneys received and expended from G.W.'s death to 1802, including am't of cash in house at G.W.'s death, amt. pd. doctors, money spent for cake at G.W.'s funeral, expenses on his houses in Washington, taxes, payment of legacies, building vault, for whiskey furnished at sale at Mount Vernon; money received from purchases at sales was main income during the period. Autograph document, copy, docketed, in hand of L. Lewis, laminated. Certified by...
Dates: 1800-1802

Account, ledger account of kitchen staples, 1794 April-June

 Item — Box 35, Folder: 1794.04.00
Identifier: W-678
Scope and Contents

Day by day account in G.W.'s hand, of amt. and price of each item of food bought during the period--for month of June, no day by day account is included, but a total of each thing for 30 days of June.

Dates: 1794 April-June

Account, Martha Washington's expenses, 1783 July 1

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 1783.07.01
Identifier: A-581.1
Scope and Contents

"An Acct. of Mrs. Washington's Expences from Virginia to my Winter Quarters & back again to Virginia according to the Memms. and accts. which I have received from her & those who accompd. her"--expences amounting to £1064.1

Dates: 1783 July 1

Account, Martha Washington's expenses, 1783 October

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 1783.10.00
Identifier: W-667
Scope and Contents

Cost of things bought in Philadelphia by Mrs. Washington

Dates: 1783 October

Account, Mary Washington with Robert Wellford, 1789 July

 Item — Box 15, Folder: 1789.07.00
Identifier: W-1310/A.49
Scope and Contents

D. 1 page. Account from July 1789 for "Visiting Mrs. W. Examining a Cancer and Consultation with Dr. Hall - £2.2.0." Document, fragment, badly charred, laminated, docketed "Dr. R. Wellford Acct and [ ]," incomplete watermark. Proved before magistrate, Geo. French, on Aug. 19, 1790. Receipted on reverse Sept. 13, 1790 from Mrs. Lewis. Signed by Wm. Yates for Robt. Wellford.

Dates: 1789 July

Account of articles sold, estate of George Washington, 1802 July 21

 Item — Box 38, Folder: 1802.07.21
Identifier: W-815
Scope and Contents Autograph document, 7 pages. In hand of Albin Rawlins, an account of articles sold at the July 21st sale on six months credit (See "Book of Sales and of Mount Vernon Property"). This appears to be a rough draft (made at the time of auction) of the list entered in this executors' account book -- Rawlins' list gives name of purchaser, item and price; sale of chariot and harness, coachee, horses, clover machine, sheep, bulls, cows, calves, steers, marquee, tents, saddles, canteen, tin machine,...
Dates: 1802 July 21

Account of estate sales, Mary Washington, 1789 October 29

 Item — Box 16, Folder: 1789.10.29
Identifier: RM-683; MS-4637
Scope and Contents

A.D. 4 pages. "Accot. of sales of the Stocks etc. sold at the plantation of the late Mrs. Mary Washington, on the 29th of October 1789." Some of the buyers include Charles Carter Jr., Bushrod Washington and Burges[s] Ball. Stock sold includes sheep, oxen, hogs, pigs, horses, cows. Autograph document, docketed.

Dates: 1789 October 29

Account of Mary Washington with Dekar, Thompson, and Cox, 1761 April 15

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1761.04.15
Identifier: W-1310/A.14
Scope and Contents

D. 2 pages. Account - Mary Washington with Dekar, Thompson, and Cox. Purchases of supplies including food, cloth, and housewares. Torn and charred, laminated.

Dates: 1761 April 15

Account of Mary Washington with James Buchanan, 1765 May-July

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 1765.05.00
Identifier: W-1310/A.9
Scope and Contents

D.S. 2 pages. Document signed, fragment, laminated, torn and charred scrap of paper. Account from May 3-July 30, 1765, for snuff, Irish l[inen], silk hat, fann, etc. Account signed by [Ja]mes Buchanan.

Dates: 1765 May-July

Account, Rappahannock Forge with Mary Washington, 1787 September 25

 Item — Box 11, Folder: 1787.09.25
Identifier: W-1310/A.35
Scope and Contents

Account. A.D.S. 1 page. Account for £6.10.9 includes woodwork for 1 pr. cart wheels, 2 boxes for them, tire and nails, altering and putting on 8 stock bands. Credit is given for wheat and old iron. Autograph document signed, in hand of Abner Vernon, fragment, badly charred, laminated, incomplete watermark. Account certified correct by Abner Vernon.

Dates: 1787 September 25

Account, to George William Fairfax, 1773 September 16 - 1774 April 26

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1773.09.16
Identifier: W-424
Scope and Contents

Account : George William Fairfax with Craven Peyton

Dates: 1773 September 16 - 1774 April 26

Account, to George William Fairfax, 1773 October 18 - 1774 June 15

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1773.10.18
Identifier: W-425
Scope and Contents

Account of cash sent Mr. Francis Willis, draft on Osgood Hanbury & Co., to Mr. Ramsey for postage, to Truro Parish for Fairfax's pew.

Dates: 1773 October 18 - 1774 June 15

Account, to William Herbert, 1775 March-July

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1773.03.00
Identifier: W-1203/A
Scope and Contents

George Washington endorsed this account of his financial transactions with the prominent Alexandria merchant William Herbert. A frequent visitor to Mount Vernon, Herbert was an Irish immigrant who married Sarah Carlyle and later became the President of the Bank of Alexandria. Herbert signed this two page account and Washington endorsed it on the verso. The transactions recorded here date from March through July of 1775.

Dates: 1775 March-July

Account, with James Craik, 1786-1788

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1786.00.00
Identifier: W-1310/A.31
Scope and Contents

Account from April 1786 - Dec. 1788, for various medicines and spices.

Dates: 1786-1788

Account, with Joseph Corre, 1790 June-August

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1790.06.00
Identifier: W-1310/a.54
Scope and Contents

Account amounting to £51.6.2 for ice and "mouls" of ice cream.

Dates: 1790 June-August

Account with Joseph Corre, 1790 April 15-July 7

 Item — Box 23, Folder: 1790.04.15
Identifier: 2018-SC-041
Scope and Contents

One page of accounts between the President's household in New York and local confectioner Joseph Corre. Includes purchases of macaroni, bitter almonds, caraway seed, and ice cream. On April 15, the President's household purchased "dinner drest," when John and Abigail Adams, John Jay, and Thomas Jefferson dined with him. "Dinner drest" was ordered again on April 29 when Washington dined with a group of senators.

Signed by Joseph Corre and docketed on verso.

Dates: 1790 April 15-July 7

Accounts of Lawrence Lewis with Treadwell Smith, 1826 January 11-October 7

 Item — Box 51, Folder: 1826.01.11
Identifier: 2017-SC-007-002
Scope and Contents

Berryville. List of accounts for merchandise purchased by Lawrence Lewis from Berryville merchant Treadwell Lewis. The purchases include French brandy, rice, salt, linen, blank books, paper, molasses, cups, pots, halters, calomel, laudanum, and other dry goods.

Dates: 1826 January 11-October 7

Accounts of Martha Washington with Captain Daniel Lecoeke for 790 bushels of corn, 1800 May 2

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents

Receipt signed "Daniel Lecock" for payment received by the hands of James Anderson on behalf of Martha Washington for 790 bushels of corn on 2 May 1800.

Dates: 1800 May 2

Accounts of Martha Washington with MacLeod & Lumsdon for sundries, 1800 February 18, 1800 July 8-August 9, 1800 October 9

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents

List of items purchased by Martha Washington from Macleod & Lumsdon, dated at the top 18 February 1800, Alexandria. The accounts, dated 8 July and 9 August, include entries for 47 panes of glass, oil, paint for 30 mahoghany chairs, paint for a wine cooler, varnishing, picture frame gilding, and glazing. Signed by Macleod & Lumdsdon at the bottom, noting that the above money was received in full 9 October 1800.

Dates: 1800 February 18; 1800 July 8-August 9; 1800 October 9

Accounts of Martha Washington with William Jones, 1800 February 4

 Item — Box 13, Folder: 01
Scope and Contents

A list of clothing purchased by Martha Washington from William Jones of Alexandria. Includes suits purchased for enslaved workers Daniel, Marcus, Christopher, and Frank. According to notes on the verso, payments were received from James Anderson on 12 April 1800 and 15 May 1800.

Dates: 1800 February 4

Accounts of Martha Washington with William Keating, 1800 April 23-1801 November 10

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 23
Scope and Contents

Accounts dated 23 April-23 September 1800 for weaving yards of cotton, wool, and other fabrics. The payments are marked as having been paid "By balance due the Estate of General Washington," by cash, by 41 gallons of whiskey, and barrells of herring. The final payment is marked as received from James Anderson on 10 November 1801.

Dates: 1800 April 23-1801 November 10