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29366 Home of Washington, Mount Vernon, Va.

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_003410
Dates: Digitized: 2020-10-28

32670 Mt. Vernon Gardens.

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_000028
Dates: Digitized: 2020-10-14

32780 Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_003313
Dates: Digitized: 2020-08-26

072807 Martha Washington's Kitchen at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001553
Dates: Digitized: 2017-06-28

072810 Summer House at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001643
Dates: Digitized: 2017-07-11

072811 Tomb of Washington at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001714
Dates: Digitized: 2017-07-20

072812 The Old Tomb at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001741
Dates: Digitized: 2017-07-24

072814 The Wall at the Edge of the Lawn at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001819
Dates: Digitized: 2018-04-11

072817 The Main Hall at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001096
Dates: Digitized: 2017-03-20

072818 The West Parlor at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001447
Dates: Digitized: 2017-06-16

072819 The Music Room at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001291
Dates: Digitized: 2017-04-24

072820 The Library at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001253
Dates: Digitized: 2017-04-24

72821 The Banquet Hall at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_000855
Dates: Digitized: 2016-07-27

072822 The Family Dining Room at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001219
Dates: Digitized: 2017-04-10

072823 The Sitting Room at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001010
Dates: Digitized: 2016-10-04

072824 Washington's Room at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001417
Dates: Digitized: 2017-06-13

072825 Mrs. Washington's Bed Room at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001318
Dates: Digitized: 2017-04-24

072826 Nellie Custis's Room at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_000038
Dates: Digitized: 2015-06-19

072827 The River Room at Mount Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_001026
Dates: Digitized: 2016-10-17

072829 The Servants' Quarters at Mt. Vernon

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_002167
Dates: Digitized: 2018-07-10

A chart of the Gulf Stream

 Digital Image
Identifier: DA_004180