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Eve, Philoclea Edgeworth Casey, 1813-1889



  • Existence: 1813-1889
  • Existence: 1813 - 1889

Found in 52 Collections and/or Records:

Philoclea Eve to Laughton, November 10, 1885

 File — Box 2: Series LAU
Identifier: ER-4423
Scope and Contents

Is concerned when she does not receive a reply to a few letters. Discusses how marvelous her grandson is, having graduated before he was 18 and taking two degrees. Now attending Johns Hopkins. Agrees that Dodge will make a good superintendent. Talks about mutual friends and previous visits.

Dates: November 10, 1885

Philoclea Eve to Lily Macalester Laughton, ca. 1888 April

 File — Box 99
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Gives names of Vice Regents present at Council of 1868, also relates to her information about those present. ER-5, p. 207

Dates: ca. 1888 April

Philoclea Eve to Lily Macalester Laughton, 1873 October 18

 File — Box 79
Scope and Contents A.L.S. Brooklyn. Difficulties over getting Mrs. Aaron Brown of Nashville for Vice Regent for Tennessee. Wishes Council at earlier time than June. It was previously made in June to put off Mrs. Chace, or Mrs. Sweat or Mrs. Mitchell. Now that they are all friends, they should consider a healthier time of year. Mrs. Ball seems suitable as a Vice Regent. She has scheme for the colonnades. Wants son-in-law to deliver an address for this project. "We can have our [Iron ?] colonnades put by...
Dates: 1873 October 18

Philoclea Eve to Lily Maclester Laughton, 1889 January 2

 File — Box 99
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Proposes selling some railroad stock and buying script or debentures of the same road. Discussion of Mrs. Long or Mrs. Weed as Vice Regent for Florida. ER-5, p. 208

Dates: 1889 January 2

Philoclea Eve to Margaret Comegys, ca. 1885 July

 File — Box 97
Scope and Contents

Fragment. Preservation of Miss Cunningham's letters to Mrs. Ritchie, Mrs. Comegys and herself are very valuable to Association historian. Mrs. Rathbone is the new Vice Regent for Michigan. ER-17, p. 268

Dates: ca. 1885 July

Philoclea Eve to Margaret Comegys, undated (068)

 File — Box 103
Scope and Contents

Fragment of a letter. Discusses a picture sent to Mr. Hollingsworth to be hung at Mount Vernon and the coat of arms for a door. ER-17, p. 232. Undated 068.

Dates: undated (068)

Philoclea Eve to Margaret Comegys, 1884 April 5

 File — Box 96
Scope and Contents A.L.S. Incomplete letter (clipped). Montrose, near Augusta, Georgia. Answers her questions re Mrs. Ritchie who died in London 12 or 14 years ago, no children. Miss Cunningham wished her to write the history of the MVLA as she thought her "the only one who would do her full justice." Mrs. Eve's last letter from her was dated from Paris. She corresponded with Miss Cunningham until too feeble to write. Her letters destroyed. Mrs. Ritchie's sister-in-law, Mrs. John Giddings, lives in...
Dates: 1884 April 5

Philoclea Eve to Margaret Comegys, 1871 May 25

 File — Box 73
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Mount Vernon. Lambdin's portrait of Regent arrived and acknowledged. Did not think it a striking resemblance at first, but "it grows upon" her. Thinks Regent is also well pleased. The artist removed expression around mouth she did not like. Monday expects many visitors at Mount Vernon. Expects Indians on Sunday. ER-17, p. 175

Dates: 1871 May 25

Philoclea Eve to Margaret Comegys, 1859 March 28

 File — Box 40
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Sends a paper which she thinks will aid Mrs. C. in arousing surveyors' interest in Mount Vernon. A surveyor has written 50 of these to surveyors in Georgia. Suggests publishing same in newspapers. ER-17, p. 45

Dates: 1859 March 28

Philoclea Eve to Margaretta Morse, 1860 March 16

 File — Box 51
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Hopes Vice Regents will work especially hard in near future, that the MVLA may take possession of Mount Vernon by 4 July 1860, "without any fear of consequences." Asks how well Louisiana is doing--Georgia now has given about $8000--this without aid of 2 of her principal cities. ER-422

Dates: 1860 March 16

Philoclea Eve to Nancy Halsted, 1869 February 5

 File — Box 67
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Comments on Mrs. Halsted's illness, says to make sure she takes better care of herself. Recounts her own activities. Says Regent plans to go to Washington to see Claim through. Destruction of relics since Mr. Herbert's departure. Refers to attack on MVLA by New York Observer. ER-8, p. 85

Dates: 1869 February 5

Philoclea Eve to Nancy Halsted, 1869 March 4

 File — Box 67
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Nashville. Suggests Dr. and Mrs. Marks and daughter stay at Mount Vernon. Table furnished from monthly allowance while Regent is South. The Marks' house destroyed by fire and no insurance. ER-8, p. 83

Dates: 1869 March 4

Philoclea Eve to Nancy Halsted, 1872 June 21

 File — Box 74
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Brooklyn. Written on House of Representatives letterhead. Wants to discuss what is best for Mount Vernon. Has sent her answer to Council's refusal to accept resignation. Refers to affair as a burlesque. ER-8, p. 195

Dates: 1872 June 21

Philoclea Eve to Nancy Halsted, 1872 April 28

 File — Box 74
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Washington, D.C. Is writing to all Vice Regents asking them to state their understanding of the resolution re absence of a Vice Regent from their respective states, who originated resolution, who approved and who disapproved it. Mrs. Eve thought it suggestion of Regent, but Regent says not and disapproves of the action. ER-8, p. 191

Dates: 1872 April 28

Philoclea Eve to the Editor, 1868

 File — Box 67
Scope and Contents

Copy. Refutes Miss Briggs' charges in the press against Association as falsehoods. Letter docketed "Mrs. Eve's answer to charges of Mrs. Briggs. 1868. Classified by order of Council of 1878, Com. Halsted and Chace." ER-5, p. 185

Dates: 1868

Philoclea Eve to the MVLA, 1872 June 7

 File — Box 74
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Brooklyn. Offers her resignation. Regent has told her to tender resignation after 18 month absence from Georgia. She has worked on much Mount Vernon business during that time. Hopes they won't accept her resignation and offers amendment to the resolution under which she is asked to resign. ER-5, p. 209

Dates: 1872 June 7

Report of Philoclea Eve to the Council, 1874

 Item — Box 4
Scope and Contents

Report of Philoclea Edgeworth Eve, the MVLA Vice Regent of Georgia, to the MVLA Council. Mrs. Eve defends herself of any wrongdoing in investing MVLA money in Confederate bonds during the Civil War, which she did at the request of MVLA Regent Ann Pamela Cunningham.

ER 5; p. 186, 187; ALS

Dates: 1874

Sarah Tracy to Philoclea Eve, 1865 August 22

 File — Box 62
Scope and Contents A.L.S. Mount Vernon. Rec'd two letters from Regent who does not get Miss Tracy's mail. Mentions few facts for Mrs. Eve to write Regent; boat running since early June, visitors since April have paid Mount Vernon expenses; statement of debt to Mr. Herbert; he will raise crops to feed animals and people at the estate; have abundance of wheat, corn, little rye, cabbages, potatoes, etc. Health conditions bad, someone always sick. Public abusive. Need a Council this fall with Regent presiding;...
Dates: 1865 August 22

Sarah Tracy to Philoclea Eve, 1860 July 16

 File — Box 54
Scope and Contents

A.L. Incomplete. Writes on Regent's behalf--appropriation bill killed in House--Miss Cunningham discovered forgery of her name to draw funds from Assoc. fund [by Devereux]--great loss to many people. ER-5, p. 188

Dates: 1860 July 16

Susan Hudson and Philoclea Eve to James Hollingsworth re: Superintendent's duties, 1872 November 8

 Item — Box 2
Scope and Contents

This document was sent by Mrs. Philoclea E. Eve and Mrs. Hudson to Colonel James McHenry Hollingsworth in Mount Vernon, Virginia. It discusses his appointment as superintendent and the duties he will have in that position.

ER 5; p. 61, DLS

Dates: 1872 November 8

S.W. Tiffey to Philoclea Eve, 1884 February 13

 File — Box 95
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Washington, D.C. At request of Records Committee she continues "resume" of her years at Mount Vernon. Cites Regent's voluminous correspondence with Vice Regents. Mrs. Halsted's great activities and gifts. General Michler's repairs made with funds from U.S. "claims" settlement. Cites a few gifts and definite repairs. Also gardener Craig's improvements in grounds and gardens, building of greenhouses, sale of produce. Marginal comments of Mrs. Hudson. ER-4, p. 75

Dates: 1884 February 13

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