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Everett, Edward, 1794-1865



  • Existence: 1794-1865
  • Existence: 1794 - 1865


Governor of Massachusetts, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

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Edward Everett to James Lenox, 1858 September 8

 File — Box 27
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Acknowledges receipt of document written by Washington.

Dates: 1858 September 8

Edward Everett to Jared Sparks, 1861 May 25

 File — Box 58
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Reference to General orders book of Seize of Boston with Gen. Washington's order, held by man(?) in Iowa. Thinks it would be of little value, if official orderly book of GW is held by Dept. of State. Reference to Great Britain's continued recognition of the United States. PS-537

Dates: 1861 May 25

Edward Everett to J.H. Vose, 1856 May 17

 File — Box 14
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2p. Boston. Outlines his conditions for giving his Washington lecture. RM-600, ER-4487

Dates: 1856 May 17

Edward Everett to J.K. Tefft and others, 1857 November 24

 File — Box 19
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Boston. Will be delighted to speak before citizens of Savannah. ER-519

Dates: 1857 November 24

Edward Everett to Jno. R. Thompson, 1856 February 26

 File — Box 14
Scope and Contents

Requests to know something of the Ladies' Association for the purchase of Mount Vernon - what is its modus operandi; does it have any funds? does it have refusal of Mount Vernon from the owner, J.A. Washington? ER-310

Dates: 1856 February 26

Edward Everett to John Crerar, 1857 March 24

 File — Box 17
Scope and Contents

Boston. Has repeated address frequently since giving it there last year - funds from it go to purchase of Mount Vernon. If Mount Vernon cannot be purchased, funds to go to other object commemorative of Washington. Repeated speech on February 23 before Mercantile Library Association of Boston for whom it was originally prepared. Will repeat it under auspices of Mercantile Library Association of New York if any real interest is shown in it. ER-481

Dates: 1857 March 24

Edward Everett to Joseph Hodgson and J.T. Jones, 1858 February 4

 File — Box 20
Scope and Contents

Facsimile. Philadelphia. Unable to make appointment now for an oration at the University of Virginia. Will do so when he can. ER-520

Dates: 1858 February 4

Edward Everett to J.P. McLear and J.C. Taylor, 1857 October 26

 File — Box 18
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Boston. Would give his talk for free, but any proceeds must go toward fund for purchase of Mount Vernon.

Dates: 1857 October 26

Edward Everett to Laughton, December 10, 1860

 File — Box 1: Series LAU
Identifier: ER-4288
Scope and Contents

Congratulates her on upcoming wedding and hopes to be able to attend. Also hopeful for continued success of the Mount Vernon cause. Has been giving talks on its behalf.

Dates: December 10, 1860

Edward Everett to Mary McMakin, 1858 December 27

 File — Box 33
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Boston. Re his lectures. Thinks "Mount Vernon Papers" in the Ledger will do in MV cause no harm; cites some unusual responses. ER-9, p. 220

Dates: 1858 December 27

Edward Everett to Mary Morris Hamilton, 1864 February 13

 File — Box 61
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Boston. Replies to her request for list of subjects he thinks most important for next meeting. Refers to completing title to property; Government ownership of MV; provision for salary in arrears; recompense for being deprived of boat earnings; sale of Virginia at any price; G.W. Riggs' attitude toward forged draft; E.E.'s ledger earnings in hands of his Trustees of endowment fund; subject to Regent's call. ER-9, p. 301

Dates: 1864 February 13

Edward Everett to Moses Wight, 1858 December 3

 File — Box 31
Scope and Contents

A.L. Boston. Facsimile. Approval of "Engraving on Steel by H.W. Smith" of portrait of E. Everett taken from life by M. Wight. (Printed statement on inside page). ER-9, p. 214

Dates: 1858 December 3

Edward Everett to Octavia Le Vert, 1857 July 22

 File — Box 18
Scope and Contents

Medford, Massachusetts. Photostat. Will accept her invitation to repeat his discourse in Mobile if she can, thanks her for having publisher send him a copy of her book. ER-488

Dates: 1857 July 22

Edward Everett to Octavia Le Vert, 1857 September 18

 File — Box 18
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Unable to commit to long speaking tour in South due to wife's illness and business concerns.

Dates: 1857 September 18

Edward Everett to Octavia Le Vert, 1857 October 28

 File — Box 18
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Boston. Still postponing talks in Philadelphia and Richmond. Hopes financial state of country will improve.

Dates: 1857 October 28

Edward Everett to Octavia LeVert, 1859 December 25

 File — Box 49
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Intent to travel to South in Spring wrote article for Encyclopedia Britannica on George Washington - revising it "for the American reader". This will delay his trip South. Praises her efforts for the MVLA. ER-512 a,b

Dates: 1859 December 25

Edward Everett to Octavia LeVert, 1860 March 20

 File — Box 51
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Regrets he cannot make Southern Tour; time and obligations will not permit it. If went South, would have to stop at many places as well as New Orleans and Mobile. Wishes he could make the Southern trip. ER-513 a, b

Dates: 1860 March 20

Edward Everett to Robert Bonner, 1858 November 6

 File — Box 29
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The nucleus of this collection was created from papers given to the Association by Ann Pamela Cunningham around the time of her retirement as Regent. Several other Vice Regents followed her example and later donated their papers as well. These records were referred to as the “Early Records” since the time they were first established as an archival collection. A large portion of this collection is correspondence concerning the founding of the MVLA and the operation of Mount Vernon as a...
Dates: 1858 November 6

Edward Everett to Robert Bonner, 1859 November 28

 File — Box 48
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Boston. Violent attacks on both of them by the Press. Attempts to discredit "Mt. Vernon Papers", written for the Ledger. For this reason he hesitated to accept Bonner's offer of $10,000 to write articles for fear of injuring interests. Offers to write more articles for Ledger but will not contribute money to Mount Vernon fund, because he needs money to supplement greatly reduced income. ER-511, PS-534

Dates: 1859 November 28

Edward Everett to S.A. Eliot, 1860 March 19

 File — Box 51
Scope and Contents A.L.S. Boston. Reports he has collected about $70,000 for MVLA, $65,000 of which he has turned over to the Ladies; $5000 remains in hands of Trustees in Boston. This total ($70,000) made up of proceeds from (1) his lectures (2) weekly column in the New York Ledger (3) sums sent to him by readers of the Ledger. Mr. Hillard's article in Appleton's Cyclopoedia (Vol. VII, p. 353) brought about $600, since written. Does not object to Eliot's stating Everett's contributions to MVLA separately...
Dates: 1860 March 19

Edward Everett to Samuel Souther, 1858 July 20

 File — Box 25
Scope and Contents

Typed transcript of letter. Boston. Everett is apparently writing about a proposal by Souther to give the oration on the character of Washington and the conditions surrounding such a speech. RM-123, TYP 2342

Dates: 1858 July 20

Edward Everett to Sarah Tracy, 1861 July 29

 File — Box 59
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Boston. Miss Cunningham's letter sent by way of Kentucky. Not received. Much occupied. Will write Regent soon re funds in his hands, low market for Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad. Report of Regent's residence at Mount Vernon and Philadelphia Press made no impression in Boston. Everett writes Gen. Scott, when troops began to move, urging protection of Mount Vernon and Arlington House. ER-9, p. 299

Dates: 1861 July 29

Edward Everett to Susan L. Pellet, 1858 June 11

 File — Box 23
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Boston. Has received her letter, copy of Miss Hamilton's sensible letter enclosed and Regent's receipt. Corrects their accounting and asks for a corrected receipt to replace one returned. ER-9, p. 187

Dates: 1858 June 11

Edward Everett to Susan L. Pellet, 1858 June 16

 File — Box 23
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Boston. Returns drafts which lack Regent's signature. Corrects statements and accounts rendered on Charleston and Augusta orations and Selma contribution. Also statement re: Mr. Wilcox's contribution… "the most scrupulous accuracy is requisite." Sorry Christie Johnson is sick. ER-9, p. 189

Dates: 1858 June 16

Edward Everett to Susan L. Pellet, 1857 October 19

 File — Box 18
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Boston. Cannot accept invitation at this time as his family, business and the building of the public library keep him busy at home. Has been away much since speaking in St. Louis in April, repeated oration 40 times this season. ER-9, p. 133

Dates: 1857 October 19

Edward Everett to Susan L. Pellet, 1857 October 24

 File — Box 18
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Boston. Re: misunderstandings about his proposed orations in Richmond. ER-9, p. 137

Dates: 1857 October 24

Edward Everett to Susan L. Pellet, 1857 October 27

 File — Box 18
Scope and Contents

Boston. Apologizes for confusion of date to speak in Richmond. Much too busy to do so.

Dates: 1857 October 27

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