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Washington, John Augustine, 1736-1787


Found in 68 Collections and/or Records:

John Augustine Washington, Bushfield, to Bushrod Washington, Baltimore, 1784 March 10

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 07
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed with integral address panel, with note that the letter was sent "By Jeremiah."

Dates: 1784 March 10

John Augustine Washington, Ledger C, 1774-1789

 Item — Shelf Bound Manuscripts/Ledgers, Box: 91
Identifier: RM-73 ; MS-2166
Scope and Contents Name index. pp. 1-107 ledger entries, 108-141 blank, 142-155 missing, 156-176 copies of leases deeds, etc. watermark.Box also contains loose items that originally went with the ledger including: 1) 1771 July 31. Letter, Anne Haulworth to "dear Madam," A.N.S. Request for 25 pounds of sugar ... 2) 1773 August 12. Letter, Jesse Coats to John Augustine Washington. A.N.S. Coats requests Washington to pay Thomas Blane the money Washington owes Coats ... 3) 1778 September...
Dates: 1774-1789

John Augustine Washington to Bushrod Washington, 1781 July 3

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 06
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed with integral address panel. With additional leaf of paper in another hand addressed to "my dear son."

Dates: 1781 July 3

John Augustine Washington to Bushrod Washington, Philadelphia, 1780s

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 07
Scope and Contents

Address panel with note on verso about the prices of tea and sugar in Philadelphia.

Dates: 1780s

Letter, Alexander Spotswood to John Augustine Washington, 1775 November 17

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1775.11.17
Identifier: W-1310/A.21
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Mt. Pleast. Camp, South Side of James River, on my way to Norfolk. There has been an engagement between Dunmore and the Lowlanders--can tell details--postscript adds that Mr. James Lewis will act for him at division of estate [of Augustine Washington ?] and receive his part. Autograph letter signed, fragment only, laminated, incomplete watermark (crown over powder horn), directed on reverse, "Carry this letter to Westmoreland".

Dates: 1775 November 17

Letter, Anne Washington to John Augustine Washington, 1769 September 9

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 1769.09.09
Identifier: W-1310/A.13
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Has sent son George to see him, so he can see cruelty with which tutor treats the children--bad wound on his head--obliged if [Hannah B. Washington would send rosewater--wishes them joy of their young son--[Bestey ?] delivered of son--needs money to pay decree against estate--entitled to interest on payments being made to her. Autograph letter signed, laminated, watermark (figure holding aloft a liberty cap, lion rampant in enclosure with motto "Pro Patria"), bottom part of...
Dates: 1769 September 9

Letter, from John Augustine Washington, 1785 July 17

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1785.07.17
Identifier: RM-1147; MS-5835
Scope and Contents

John informs George that during a recent visit to Mount Vernon a "great Coat of yours" and book became mixed-up with his own belongings. John then discusses one of George Washington's notable entrepreneurial activities - the breeding of mules. Seeking to emulate his brother, John suggests that George send one of his "Jack Asses" to Bushfield, John's plantation, to breed with his mares.

Dates: 1785 July 17

Letter, James Russell to John Augustine Washington, 1762 March 25

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1762.03.25
Identifier: W-1310/A.7
Scope and Contents

Form letter, printed, signed by Russell, laminated, (another form letter included on same page), included in letter of May 4, 1762, Russell to J.A.W. Informing him of new partnership between him and William Molleson--assures him of continued attention to his affairs.

Dates: 1762 March 25

Letter, James Russell to John Augustine Washington, 1762 May 4

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1762.05.04
Identifier: W-1310/A.8
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Received news of Col. Aug[ustine] Washington's death--[Post ?] chariot for Mrs. Bushrod being sent by ship insured--has lately taken a partner, as enclosed - [see form letters dated March 25, 1762, James Russell to John Augustine Washington; and James Russell and Molleson to John A. Washington]--sends Mr. Bushrod's acct. current. Integral cover, laminated, docketed "The firm of James Russell and Molleson [ ] there first Letter 5 March 1762".

Dates: 1762 May 4

Letter, John Augustine Washington and Hannah Washington to Bushrod Washington, 1782 April 1

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 1782.04.01
Identifier: A-750
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 2 pages. "... your worthy Unkles politeness and attention to your Education fills our breasts with the warmest sentiments of Gratitude, you were happy indeed to meet with him, as it has not only been the means of lessing your immediate expences to me ... but as it also produced to you the advantage of good advise from so able a Friend, and an introduction that will command you the attention of the best Company ..."--don't spend time executing commissions for Virginia friends--goes to...
Dates: 1782 April 1

Letter, John Augustine Washington to Bushrod Washington, 1784 February 11

 Item — Box 8, Folder: 1784.02.11
Identifier: RM-920; MS-5452
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 3 pages. Discusses disruption of business because of inclement weather; sale of Bushrod's hogsheads; disposition of his books.

Dates: 1784 February 11

Letter, John Augustine Washington to John Bran, 1780 February 20

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 1781.02.20
Identifier: RM-115; MS-2308
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Re: Payment of debt to John Augustine.

Dates: 1780 February 20

Letter, John Augustine Washington to Lund Washington, 1780 October 15

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 1780.10.15
Identifier: A-516.5
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 2 pages. Introduces Thomas Griggs, tenant on George Washington's lands in Berkely--he wants new lease--J.A.W. recommends him as collector for G.W.'s rents in the area--Col. David Kennedy, Pa. farmer, has taken over one of General's leases--" ... a person who employed Lands in farming agreeable to the pensilvany method I should think would be the most agreeable tenants"--in Berkeley for Mrs. [Hannah Bushrod] Washington's health--lame horses prevent visit to sister [Betty Lewis] in...
Dates: 1780 October 15

Letter, John Augustine Washington to Robert Carter, 1774 September 7

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1774.09.07
Identifier: A-750
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Acknowledges a grain measure--reports that the measure accords with his own and also with one from Baltimore--deduces that the measure then in use in [Westmoreland Co.] is inaccurate. Autograph letter signed, docketed, watermark incomplete (heraldic device).Name on original manuscript appears as "John Aug. Washington".

Dates: 1774 September 7

Letter, John Augustine Washington to Thomas Stone, 1786 October 12

 Item — Box 11, Folder: 1786.10.12
Identifier: A-366.43
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Bushrod W. delivers letter and documents relatinig to suit being brought against the estate of Augustine W.--his illness prevents attendance--gives some details of the defence--Bushrod will give security for him. Autograph letter signed, cover, laminated, docketed "Forrest Stoddert vs. Washington," watermarks.

Dates: 1786 October 12

Letter, John Augustine Washington to unknown recipient, 1769 February 12

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 1769.02.12
Identifier: W-1310/A.11-12
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 4 pages. "Dear Sir." Received receipt of acct. sales for past year--he has drawn on them for 3 sets of Exchange of £100 each--please send Miss Bushrod's invoice of goods soon for she is to be married and cannot set up house keeping without them--[paragraph blurred]--weather so cold and river frozen, so Capt. Johnstone slow in loading ship--make him insurance on 16 hhds. tobacco by Lord Camden in case of loss--[Added under date of 20 March 1769 in J.A.W.'s hand is] "Invoice of all...
Dates: 1769 February 12

Letter, John Augustine Washington to William Augustine Washington, 1783 September

 Item — Box 8, Folder: 1783.09.00
Identifier: A-366
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. Bushfield. Letter regarding a land sale. Name on original manuscript appears as "J. A. Washington". Date on original catalog card appears as [1783][Sept.].

Dates: 1783 September

Letter, John Augustine Washington William Carr, 1773 October 13

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1773.10.13
Identifier: A-750
Scope and Contents

A.L. 2 pages. Bushfield. Also includes copy of letter from James Russell to William Carr, 12 July 1773. Docketed on reverse, "To William Carr Esqr. Merchant in Dumfries, By favor of Mr. Stadler."

Dates: 1773 October 13

Letter, Mary Ball Washington to John Augustine Washington, undated no. 154

 Item — Box 87, Folder: undated no. 154
Identifier: RM-904; MS-5404
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Autograph letter signed, seal (red). edges are brown/black from fire.

Dates: undated no. 154

Letter, to George Augustine Washington, with letter of provenance, 1787 September 2

 Item — Box 4, Folder: 1787.09.02
Identifier: MS-5821
Scope and Contents

George Washington appointed George Augustine Washington manager of Mount Vernon in his absence. The letter gives detailed instruction of farming Mount Vernon, as well as decorating the mansion, improvements to farm buildings, supervision and care of the servants, miscellaneous purchases.

Dates: 1787 September 2

Letter, William Herbert to John Augustine Washington, 1785 June 3

 Item — Box 10, Folder: 1785.06.03
Identifier: W-1310/A.29
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Alexandria. His flour hasn't come yet--will be taken care of when it does--will inform gentlemen desirous of purchasing corn that he has some--lists prices current on flour, etc.--tobacco shipped by Mr. Stoddard. Autograph letter signed, badly charred, laminated, incomplete watermark. Name on original manuscript appears as "Herbert." Poor condition, badly torn.

Dates: 1785 June 3

List of land left to Samuel and John Augustine Washington by Lawrence Washington, approximately 1752

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents

List of land, including new patents in Frederick City, left to Samuel Washington and John Augustine Washington by their older half-brother Lawrence Washington. The list also notes that 3,569 acres were given to Charles Washington.

Dates: approximately 1752

Memorandum, List of slaves belonging to John Augustine Washington, 1787 July 25

 Item — Box 11, Folder: 1787.07.25
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-014
Scope and Contents

Division of slaves from the estate of John Augustine Washington amongst Bushrod Washington, Corbin Washington, and Hannah Washington. "West" Ford, "Billey", "Betty", and "Venus" are listed under slaves to Hannah Washington. 1 sheet, 2 pages of text.

Dates: 1787 July 25