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Washington, Bushrod, 1785-1830


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Bushrod Washington family papers

 Collection — Shelf D:7
Identifier: RM-1174
Content Description The Bushrod Washington Family Papers consist of documents gathered by the descendants of the first President of the United States, George Washington. The collection comprises an assortment of correspondence and legal documents documenting the lives and property ownership of several branches of the Washington family. The collection is organized into five series: Correspondence, Legal Documents, Social, Miscellaneous, and Indenture Notices (Land Deeds).The Correspondence series,...
Dates: 1662-1835

Division of Bushrod Washington's stocks and slaves, 1830 April 5

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents

A copy from the County Court of Fairfax of the division of the slaves and stocks from the estate of Bushrod Washington amongst his nephews. Includes a list of the names of the enslaved persons that went to each nephew, with their values.

Dates: 1830 April 5

Insurance policy, Bushrod Washington for barn at Mount Vernon, 1804 August 18

 Item — Box 39, Folder: 1804.08.18
Identifier: RM-885 ; MS-5377
Scope and Contents

Insurance policy with The Delaware Insurance Company of Delaware made by George Harrison on behalf of Bushrod Washington for brick barn [stable] at Mount Vernon. Coverage for $4,000 for the year with payment of 1 percent. Printed document with autograph details signed by Thomas Fitzsimons, 1 page, docketed on the reverse.

Dates: 1804 August 18

Inventory and appraisement of the personal estate of Bushrod Washington of Mount Vernon, approximately 1830

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents

Autograph document in the hand of John Augustine Washington II, 20 pages. Includes a list of enslaved workers and household goods listed by room, with some notes on to whom they were bequeathed.

Dates: approximately 1830

John Augustine Washington Farm Book, 1814-1846

 Item — Box 106, Shelf: Closed Stacks
Identifier: MS-5181
Scope and Contents This manuscript is made up of several sections. Approximately the first 100 pages include inventories of the Mount Vernon estate's contents (silver, dishes, beds, linens, and so on). That set of inventories was begun during Bushrod Washington's tenure as owner of Mount Vernon. Much of the text appears to be in his handwriting. The middle 200 pages are made up of the manuscript contain the daily diary of John A. Washington III for the years 1842-1845, while he owned Mount Vernon. The final 50...
Dates: 1814-1846

Letter, Bushrod Washington, Jr. to Edward Burd, undated no. 79 (September 14)

 Item — Box 83, Folder: undated no. 79
Identifier: A-660
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Visit of Miss Caton to Mt. Vernon--her approaching [marriage] to someone who will make her miserable--has heard of Burd's approaching marriage--General Moreau in Philadelphia--fever raging in Phila. will prevent [Bush. Washington] holding court there until Dec.--fears fever has come to Washington--Uncle [Bushrod Washington] leaves for Trenton and Aunt for "upper country," so will be alone--will try to visit Phila. in Spring. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, docketed,...
Dates: undated no. 79 (September 14)

Letter, Bushrod Washington, Jr. to Edward Shippen Burd, 1805 February 7

 Item — Box 39, Folder: 1805.02.07
Identifier: A-660
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 2 pages. Rock Hill and Georgetown. Bushrod Washington Jr. writes to Burd about local and regional political battles involving the impeachment of judges, including Judge Samuel Chase of the Supreme Court, and Randolph's treatment of Chase, as leader of the impeachment. Washington also speaks critically of "Duane," probably William J. Duane the politician, or perhaps his father the newspaper editor. Autograph letter signed, laminated, watermark (1803). Name on original manuscript...
Dates: 1805 February 7

Letter, Bushrod Washington Jr. to Edward Shippen Burd, 1805 May 18

 Item — Box 40, Folder: 1805.05.18
Identifier: A-660
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Mount Vernon. Agrees with Burd that horseracing is the favorite sport of Virginians -- mentions races in Virginia and Pennsylvania and Washington -- says spring at Mt. Vernon is the "season when nature presents its most pleasing colours" -- admires ladies in the neighborhood "but none of them has enslaved my happiness" -- speculates that closer relations between Pennsylvania and Virginia might be fostered by intermarriage between the states -- mentions Mr. [Thomas]...
Dates: 1805 May 18

Letter, Bushrod Washington, Jr. to Edward Shippen Burd, 1806 March 27

 Item — Box 40, Folder: 1806.03.27
Identifier: A-660
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Mount Vernon. Has been amusing himself reading Mr. John Randolph's Philippicks, his invectives against democrats -- this includes Randolphs threat to impeach Madison and Jefferson -- he has many politicians under his control through fear of being exposed by him -- mentions having received a report of Mr. Pitt's death [Wm. the younger] in England -- comments on the European situation -- the British Navy is the only thing between Napoleon and world domination -- U.S. should do...
Dates: 1806 March 27

Letter, Bushrod Washington, Jr. to Edward Shippen Burd, 1806 July 18

 Item — Box 40, Folder: 1806.07.18
Identifier: A-660
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Caroline Springs near Fredericksburg. Papers desired by Burd will need to be retrieved from recording office in [Washington] -- Bushrod will be in the Fredericksburg area for a while -- reveals his approaching marriage to Miss [Henrietta] Spotswood -- they will live on his estate in Westmoreland and later procure an establishment near Alexandria -- please tell Rush of the upcoming wedding -- he asks for European news -- "our present President" [Jefferson] means to stand for...
Dates: 1806 July 18

Letter, Bushrod Washington, Jr. to Edward Shippen Burd, 1807 February 7

 Item — Box 41, Folder: 1807.02.07
Identifier: A-660
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Rock Hill. Bushrod comments on Aaron Burr's efforts to separate western states -- thinks his plan an absurd for one of his intellect and feels he cannot succeed -- Burr should be arrested and tried if any crime can be found -- mentions the costly delays of Congress -- says his fondness for ladies is increased by his high opinion of his wife, Henrietta Spotswood -- makes comments on Burd's romance. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, docketed "Bushrod Washington Mt....
Dates: 1807 February 7

Letter, Bushrod Washington Jr. to Edward Shippen Burd, 1806 January 14

 Item — Box 40, Folder: 1806.01.14
Identifier: 2018-SC-025
Scope and Contents Autograph letter signed with integral address panel. Bushrod writes about spending Christmas in Dumfries by invitation of "very fine girls," although his trip was cut short when his father came down with gout. He also gives news of the Federal City, which is "thronged with beautiful girls and other strangers," including "a number of Turks and Indians." He shares an anecdote about the Turkish ambassador asking Thomas Jefferson for "six wives" and writes about a dinner hosted aboard a frigate...
Dates: 1806 January 14

Letter, Bushrod Washington, Jr. to Francis Worthington, 1802 January 24

 Item — Box 37, Folder: 1802.01.24
Identifier: RM-425; MS-2663
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Stafford City, VA. Autograph letter signed, integral cover. Concerning receipts for western lands. Addressed to Col. Thomas Francis Worthington, at Chilicothe N.W. Territory.

Dates: 1802 January 24

Letter, Bushrod Washington, Jr. to George Corbin Washington, 1829 December 30

 Item — Box 54, Folder: 1829.12.30
Identifier: A-301.275
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 4 pages. Mount Vernon to Washington City. Bushrod Washington Jr., writes that Cousin John [Augustine Washington] is doing the inventory of the late Judge Bushrod Washington's estate -- the two of them are having some doubt as to bequests, particularly about what books should be considered part of the law library -- they suggest a solution, and are trying to iron out difficulties on that point and to clarify one boundary line -- he suggests George mind his health and travel in a closed...
Dates: 1829 December 30

Letter, Bushrod Washington, Jr. to William Augustine Washington, 1807 September 8

 Item — Box 41, Folder: 1807.09.08
Identifier: MSS-571
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. New Port. Awaits confinement of his wife [Henrietta Spotswood] hourly [Anne Eliza Washington, born 1807]--anxious to go to Westmoreland to see about workmen and how house goes along--sure Laurel Grove will be ready for occupancy by time Henrietta's confinement is over--will see him shortly to get things for housekeeping--expects kitchen furniture to come highest--purchases to be made--will get by on minimum this year--can get these articles in Alexa.--for money to pay...
Dates: 1807 September 8

Memorandum, List of slaves belonging to John Augustine Washington, 1787 July 25

 Item — Box 11, Folder: 1787.07.25
Identifier: 2022-SC-007-014
Scope and Contents

Division of slaves from the estate of John Augustine Washington amongst Bushrod Washington, Corbin Washington, and Hannah Washington. "West" Ford, "Billey", "Betty", and "Venus" are listed under slaves to Hannah Washington. 1 sheet, 2 pages of text.

Dates: 1787 July 25

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