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Whitting, Anthony, -1793



Anthony Whitting was an estate manager who worked at Mount Vernon from 1790 until 1793.


Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

Document, Farm Report, 1793 February 10-16

 Item — Box 25, Folder: 1793.02.10, Folder: OUT
Identifier: A-301.12
Scope and Contents

Meteorological account of weather at Mount Vernon -- work done on each farm, giving division of labor -- work days lost by sickness -- stock increase and decrease -- work of ditchers, and coopers -- amount of grain ground at mill -- Also, "clearing the second Vista." -- At end in hand of George Washington is an itemized account of sheep and lambs at each farm. Autograph document, in hand of Anthony Whitting, laminated, 4 pages, docketed by George Washington, watermark.

Dates: 1793 February 10-16

Document, Farm Report, 1793 March 17-23

 Item — Box 25, Folder: 1793.03.23
Identifier: A-283.97
Scope and Contents

In hand of Anthony Whitting, docketed by George Washington including; Report on recent work done at Mount Vernon's several farms: Work done on each farm, giving division of labor -- work days lost by sickness -- stock increase and decrease -- work of ditchers and coopers -- amount of grain ground at mill.

Dates: 1793 March 17-23

Document, Farm Report, 1793 January 6-12

 Item — Box 25, Folder: 1793.01.12
Identifier: A-283.96
Scope and Contents

Autograph document, in hand of Anthony Whitting, docketed by G.W., laminated, (not examined for watermark).Papers of George Washington - Reel#2. Meteorological account -- work done on each farm, giving division of labor -- work days lost by sickness -- stock increase and decrease -- work of ditchers and coopers -- amount of grain ground at mill. Also a list of the weights of River plantation hogs and remaining mill hogs. A-283.96 ; A-283.

Dates: 1793 January 6-12

Farm account book, Anthony Whitting, 1791-1792

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1791.00.00
Identifier: W-776
Scope and Contents A.D. 25 pages. Corn account, 1791 for Muddy Hole and the other plantations--corn ground and oats to be planted in 1792, no. of acres per plantation--account of cattle sold, oxen sold, 1791, 1792--seed sown in 1792 in timothy and clover--account of farm and harvesting activities (sides of leather) Oct. 1791--account of seeds and grain in greenhouse loft, Nov. 1791--gardener's account, pork, beef, midlings, quart of rum--amounts of clover and timothy seed needed, bushels per plantation--amount...
Dates: 1791-1792

Fish accounts, Anthony Whitting, 1793 March 26 - April 19

 Item — Box 22, Folder: 1793.03.26
Identifier: W-816
Scope and Contents

An account of numbers of fish (shad and herring) sold, to whom supplied and price--hauling charges--cover has rough notes on amounts of rum drawn out of Hhds. and summary of fish accounts for the year. 5 double sheets with cover of old wallpaper, sewed together, laminated, partly in hand of Anth. Whitting, mutilated, watermark. Date on original catalog card appears as 1793 Mar. 26-Ap. [19].

Dates: 1793 March 26 - April 19

Letter, from Anthony Whitting, 1793 February 20

 Item — Box 25, Folder: 1793.02.20
Identifier: A-301.188
Scope and Contents Drenching rains, fields flooded, mill race broke again, roads almost impassable--Tayler little to be confided in, has kept horse since the Major is away--mill has plenty of wheat--will try to straighten fence from Manley Bridge to the Mill--snows gone, wheat not damaged, but freezing would cause covering of ice--fences and gates can't go in such wet ground--too wet to paint buildings--mixing paints--will let Green have corn--asks whether to continue work on Major Washington’s...
Dates: 1793 February 20

Letter, from Anthony Whitting, 1793 January 16

 Item — Box 25, Folder: 1793.01.16
Identifier: A-301.147
Scope and Contents Washington's farm manager reports the bad conduct of Thos. Green, carpenter -- will not use delegated authority concerning Green, because realizes he is necessary -- good men are hard to come by -- suggests an addition of carpenters, or estate will be a long time in improving -- mentions all the buildings that need to be built or repaired -- wishes farms to look neat -- will put up fences and gates -- suggests moving post and rail fence at Dogue Run to make meadow correspond to fields -- new...
Dates: 1793 January 16

Letter, to Anthony Whitting, 1791 August 14

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1791.08.14
Identifier: W-722
Scope and Contents Major George A. Washington gone to Berkeley so he will address him [Whitting] on Mount Vernon matters -- send weekly reports -- corn at the mill should be ready -- gather this corn & stalks together for fodder -- plant this meadow in grass -- further instructions on harvesting and seeding -- all autumn grain and grass to be put in as soon as possible -- wants an overseer for Dogue Run, a man with a small family -- house for overseer, can move one from the Mansion to Dogue Run easier than...
Dates: 1791 August 14

Letter, to Anthony Whitting, 1791 September 4

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1791.09.04
Identifier: RM-759; MS-5023
Scope and Contents

Washington writes to his Mount Vernon overseer about farm matters; mentions crop rotation system, decreasing productivity of land, wheat experiments, mill production, and missing horse.

Dates: 1791 September 4

Letter, to Anthony Whitting, 1792 July 1

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1792.07.01
Identifier: W-417

Letter, to Robert Hooe, 1793 May 29

 Item — Box 6, Folder: 1793.05.29
Identifier: A-301.21
Scope and Contents Agrees to Hooe's offer for flour -- will order Anthony Whitting to make delivery in Alexandria, but wishes because of harvest time that Hooe would take delivery at his mill or on river opposite -- market for flour is not falling as Hooe says, but only a temporary drop due to lack of vessels to take it to European markets -- had heard of William Shepherd's intent to apply to Loudon Court to condemn George Washington's land on Difficult Run -- encloses a copy of earlier letter to Col. Powell...
Dates: 1793 May 29

Receipt, Anthony Whitting to George Augustine Washington, 1791 March 7

 Item — Box 19, Folder: 1791.03.07
Identifier: A-238.10
Scope and Contents

D. 1 page. For £2.0.0, an account of wages due from the President -- receipt in hand of George Augustine Washington. Document, small charred fragment, laminated, docketed by G.A.W., Receipt No. 299.

Dates: 1791 March 7

Receipt, Robert Benet to Anthony Whitting, 1793 April 25

 Item — Box 22, Folder: 1793.04.25
Identifier: A-238
Scope and Contents

D.S. 1 page. Receipt for £15.15.0 for 420 bushels of lime "for the President of the United States." Document signed, fragment, burned by fire, laminated, docketed by Lear(?), Receipt No. 383.

Dates: 1793 April 25