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Sparks, Jared, 1789-1866


Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Broadside subscription order for the Life and Writings of Washington by Jared Sparks, 1834 February 21

 Item — Box 57, Folder: 1834.02.21
Identifier: 2018-SC-014
Scope and Contents Printed form completed in manuscript. The top half of the form is a prospectus for Jared Sparks's Life and Writings of Washingotn, with Historical Notes, Illustrations, Engravings, &c. It features a wood engraving of the "Evacuation of Boston, from a Revolutionary medal." The bottom of the form certifies that Oliver B. Dorance - a lawyer and freemason from Portland, Maine - has paid 5 dollars for volumes two and three of Sparks's book. The receipt is signed by Benjamin R. Downes on...
Dates: 1834 February 21

Edward Everett to Jared Sparks, 1861 May 25

 File — Box 58
Scope and Contents

Photostat. Reference to General orders book of Seize of Boston with Gen. Washington's order, held by man(?) in Iowa. Thinks it would be of little value, if official orderly book of GW is held by Dept. of State. Reference to Great Britain's continued recognition of the United States. PS-537

Dates: 1861 May 25

Form for relinquishing Washington papers to the U.S. Government, Jared Sparks to George Corbin Washington, 1834 September 5

 Item — Box 58, Folder: 1834.09.05
Identifier: A-750
Scope and Contents

Form for relinquishing Washington papers to the U.S. Government, drawn up by Jared Sparks for Geo. C. Washington to copy. [See letter of same date, Sparks to G.C. Washington].

Dates: 1834 September 5

Jared Sparks, Cambridge, to Bushrod Corbin Washington, Claymont, 1835 January 7

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed with integral address panel. Sparks writes to Bushrod Corbin Washington, executor of the estate of Bushrod Washington, in response to his inquiries about Sparks's progress on his publication of the writings of George Washington.

Dates: 1835 January 7

Letter, Jared Sparks to Alexander Vattemare, 1851 April 29

 Item — Box 71, Folder: 1851.04.29
Identifier: RM-907; MS-5410
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Expresses thanks for the books sent. Asks a favor in regards to Mr. Felton.

Dates: 1851 April 29

Letter, Jared Sparks to Bushrod Corbin Washington, 1854 April 6

 Item — Box 2
Scope and Contents

Reports on his share of earnings from “Washington’s Writings.” Many copies of the book were destroyed in a fire, but the stereotype and engraved plates were in a fire proof vault.

Dates: 1854 April 6

Letter, Jared Sparks to George Corbin Washington, 1835 April 13

 Item — Box 60, Folder: 1835.04.13
Identifier: A-301.155
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Cambridge to Washington, D.C. Does not think Washington can get a loan on security of the papers, since he has already made them over to the govt.--when he finishes with the paper he will bundle up private papers and send to W-n--"Strictly speaking all the papers pertaining to the period in which Genl. Washington held no office are private, but I suppose the spirit of your contract included only family papers, and such as related to his private affairs,"--must have written...
Dates: 1835 April 13

Letter, Jared Sparks to George Corbin Washington, 1835 May 11

 Item — Box 60, Folder: 1835.05.11
Identifier: A-301.156
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Cambridge to Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Has confirmed his own opinion that money cannot be borrowed on security of the [Washington] papers since title to them has gone to govt.--cannot advance any money himself because every cent is tied up in publication of Writings--assures him he is working every minute to complete publication--Mr. Forsyth's efforts to institute suit against him for the papers will come to nothing, because "my contract with Judge [Bushrod] Washington...
Dates: 1835 May 11

Letter, Jared Sparks to George Corbin Washington, 1836 September 20

 Item — Box 61, Folder: 1836.09.20
Identifier: A-301.153
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Cambridge. Dr. Sprague of Albany secured permission from Judge [Bushrod] Washington to take certain autographs and substitute a copy--this done before papers were sold to Congress--doesn't wish it to be thought that he himself took liberties with mss. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, docketed.

Dates: 1836 September 20

Letter, Jared Sparks to George Corbin Washington, 1849 January 2

 Item — Box 70, Folder: 1849.01.02
Identifier: A-301.154
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Cambridge to Georgetown. He has never seen G.W.'s missing diaries and Cash Memorandum Books returned all he had--Judge W. not home when he took papers from Mt. V., and altho Revolution papers in good order, private one and those before and after were in bad shape--noticed some diaries missing then--vol. of Orderly books missing at the time and nothing known of it by the Judge or Marshall--"I have recently been informed that one of the volumes of the "Diary," (I think for the...
Dates: 1849 January 2

Letter, Jared Sparks to Jane C. Blackburn Washington, 1843 October 27

 Item — Box 65, Folder: 1843.10.27
Identifier: 2016-SC-029
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed with integral address panel. Sparks writes to Jane, "My Dear Madam, I am about to publish a series of American Biographies, and I should be glad to include in it a Life of Lawrence Washington, if the materials exist for writing such a Life. Have not his papers been preserved at Mount Vernon?...” A note on the address panel indicates this letter was forwarded to John Augustine Washington III to respond to.

Dates: 1843 October 27

Letter, Jared Sparks to John Augustine Washington III, 1844 June 5

 Item — Box 66, Folder: 1844.06.05
Identifier: 2017-SC-008-004
Scope and Contents A.L.S. Cambridge to Mount Vernon. Letter from historian and George Washington biographer Jared Sparks to John Augustine Washington III proposing he write a life of Lawrence Washington. Sparks writes "I was already acquainted with the principal incidents in the life of Lawrence Washington, and although the papers would not seem to furnish materials for a biography of much extent, yet I think a Life of moderate length might be written, which would be interesting and fill a proper space in the...
Dates: 1844 June 5

Letter, Jared Sparks to John Augustine Washington III, 1856 March 4

 Item — Box 2
Scope and Contents

Discusses payments based on sales of “Washington’s Writings.” Tells percentages paid to various legatees.

Dates: 1856 March 4

Letter, Jared Sparks to Louisa Lear Eyre, 1856 December 31

 Item — Box 74, Folder: 1856.12.31
Identifier: 2017-SC-005
Scope and Contents

Sparks reports that he shipped Eyre's Washington Letters explaining that he obtained the copies of the letters from her father. He claims to have never seen the originals and mentions that a service called "Adam's Express" was hired to ship the package.

Dates: 1856 December 31

Letter, Jared Sparks to Robert Gilmore, 1832 January 31

 Item — Box 56, Folder: 1832.01.31
Identifier: RM-862; MS-5320
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Boston to Baltimore. Promises to supply Gilmore with autograph letters, particularly "those of Revolutionary note." Complains about William Sprague, GW document collector. Asks Gilmore to ask Charles Carroll about his memories of the Conway Cabal, "particularly the names of those, who were unfavorably disposed towards [Gen. Washington] in Congress." Autograph letter signed, address leaf, seal, postmark.

Dates: 1832 January 31

Letter, Jared Sparks to Robert Lewis, 1828 February 25

 Item — Box 53, Folder: 1828.02.25
Identifier: RM-862; MS-5319
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Send thanks for copies of George Washington letters but disappointed in not receiving GW autographs "as it was my intention to distribute them in Europe among eminent persons ... I was particularly gratified with your account of Gen. Washington's devotional habits ..." Autograph letter signed, integral cover.

Dates: 1828 February 25

Letter, Thomas Blackburn Washington to John Augustine Washington III, 1854 April 21

 Item — Box 73, Folder: 1854.04.21
Scope and Contents Thomas sends a letter of Jared Sparks (not present), and mentions “My father being the surviving executor of Judge Washington, at his death all executional power over that estate ceased, and for the purpose of setting up the estate it will be necessary for an administrator, with the will annexed to be appointed in your county. He also mentions that John Augustine’s son is the first male to be born at Mt. Vernon “… to any of the proprietors bearing the name of the first Washington who owned...
Dates: 1854 April 21

Memorandum of papers taken from Mount Vernon by Jared Sparks, 1827 May

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents

Manuscript list in the hand of Jared Sparks of all the papers of George Washington taken by Sparks from Mount Vernon. A note on the verso signed by Bushrod states that the papers were shipped on 13 June 1827 aboard the schooner Alexandria.

Dates: 1827 May

Memorandum on papers related to Washington's Farewell Address, J.A. Hamilton and Jared Sparks, 1830 May 24

 Item — Box 55, Folder: 1830.05.24
Identifier: A-301.157
Scope and Contents

A.D. 2 pages. A list of the letters and whether in hands of Sparks Hamilton--a note at the end says "those marked S. are in my possession, and were among the papers sent to me from Mount Vernon by Judge Washington." Autograph document, in hand of J. Sparks, laminated.

Dates: 1830 May 24

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