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Lewis, Robert, 1769-1829


Found in 58 Collections and/or Records:

A. Bryan to Robert Lewis, 1816 June 14

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 2
Identifier: MS-3658
Scope and Contents

Point Pleasant to Alexandria. Answer relating to financial obligation of Bryan to Lewis.

Dates: 1816 June 14

Account book, Robert Lewis, 1791-1798

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1791.00.00
Identifier: RM-458; MS-3560
Scope and Contents

Manuscript account book of Robert Lewis, rental agent for the President of the United States, 1791-1798.

Dates: 1791-1798

Account book, Robert Lewis, 1803-1810

 Item — Box 38, Folder: 1803.00.00
Identifier: A-625
Scope and Contents Small, bound account book, A.D.S. 18 pages. Accounts of money received as interest of stock, as part of his claim to the estate of GW. Also, money received on like interest in behalf of Lucinda and Catherine D. Lewis, sale of stock belonging to Charles and John Lewis, Jr., memorandum of expenses, "Memorandum for the year 1805," which describes experiments made in planting crops and the results, "Memorandum of Monies Received and paid away on account of Charles Lewis - John Lewis - Robert...
Dates: 1803-1810

Bill of sale, Robert Lewis to Lawrence Lewis, 1822 December 1

 Item — Box 12, Folder: 10
Identifier: MS-3849
Scope and Contents

Bill of sale for female slave.

Dates: 1822 December 1

Bond, Robert Lewis to John Lewis and George Lewis, 1798 January 1

 Item — Box 31, Folder: 1798.01.01
Identifier: RM-683; MS-4645
Scope and Contents

Printed and holograph document, signed. 1 page. Robert Lewis binds himself unto John and George Lewis" ... to the Estate of Fielding Lewis deceased in the just and full sum of" 498 pounds. However, if Robert Lewis pays 249 pounds by January 1, 1799, the bond is considered fulfilled. Note on verso: "To a Negroe you sold in Stafford County belonging to/F[rom] Lewis's Estate."

Dates: 1798 January 1

Circular letter, Bushrod Washington and Lawrence Lewis to Robert Lewis, 1817 November 27

 Item — Box 45, Folder: 1817.11.27
Identifier: A-657
Scope and Contents Circular letter, L.S. 1 page. A printed letter to legatees of George Washington's estate regarding Henry Banks' claim to the Kentucky land forming part of the estate -- Banks's claim is good and he has agreed to make equal division of land -- his agent will sell it and divide proceeds -- legatees need either to return a power of attorney in this matter or, if they desire to deal separately, contact Banks themselves. Letter signed, integral cover, (addressed in hand of L. Lewis), laminated)....
Dates: 1817 November 27

Diary, Robert Lewis, 1796 March 28-July 18

 Item — Box 28, Folder: 1796.03.28
Identifier: A-625
Scope and Contents Diary. A.D. 53 pages, including backs of covers. No longer bound together. Mostly a day by day of happenings on his plantations--crops, sales of fish, plowing, burning brush, clearing ground, etc.--trip to Mt. Vernon with [Rental] money for G.W., and expenses along way--at Mount Vernon "flattered [Wm.] Pearce [manager] extremely with his good management."--visits of relatives and friends--prices paid for various goods--fishing--payment of accounts for the president--elections at court...
Dates: 1796 March 28-July 18

Expense account, Robert Lewis, 1789 May

 Item — Box 14, Folder: 1789.05.00
Identifier: H-1199/C
Scope and Contents

D. 1 page. An account of ferry and inn expenses listing all the stops between Georgetown and New York--carriage of a trunk from Phila to N.Y.--stage horses--Col. Van Horn who arranged the trip had been paid earlier some amount--. Document, in hand of Robert Lewis, watermark, endorsed on back, "The Amount of every expence is £67.10.7 Pensylvania currency."

Dates: 1789 May

Invitation, Lucy Flucker Knox to Robert Lewis, 1791 January 25

 Item — Box 19, Folder: 1791.01.25
Identifier: M-1108
Scope and Contents

One card. Engraved card of invitation from General Knox's wife with decorative border: "Mrs. Knox presents Compts. to Mr. Lewis and requests the Honor of his Company on Wednesday Evening the '2nd of Febry', Janry 25th 91. The favor of an Answer is desired. Sold by Burton No. 14 Capel Street. Date on original catalog card appears 17[91] Jan. 25. Partly printed with blanks filled in by hand, card size.

Dates: 1791 January 25

Invitation, to Mrs. Hamilton, 1789 August 30

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1789.08.30
Identifier: A-301.276
Scope and Contents

"Mrs. Washington presents her compliments to Mrs. Hamilton, and if she's disengaged this Evening, will do herself the pleasure to visit her." On reverse an undated letter from Robert Lewis to Dr. Thornton.

Dates: 1789 August 30

Journal, Robert Lewis, 1789 May 13-20

 Item — Box 14, Folder: 1789.05.13
Identifier: H-1199/B; H-1199/D
Scope and Contents A.D. 10 pages. An account of Robert Lewis's trip as far as Baltimore accompanying his aunt Mrs. Washington to New York--family relations and friends--preparations and farewell at Mt. Vernon and Dr. Stuart's in Alexandria--Col. Blackburn's--Mr. and Mrs. B[ushrod] Washington--Mrs. W.'s parting with her servants at Mt. V.--rental of horses from Mr. Van Horn--efforts to purchase a horse for [G.W.]--two ferry crossings--Major Snowden and family--description of countryside--Mrs. Carroll's...
Dates: 1789 May 13-20

Letter, Alexander Furnival to Robert Lewis, 1789 July 3

 Item — Box 15, Folder: 1789.07.03
Identifier: A-301.264
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Baltimore. Sends letters of testimonials "in my favor"--hears of president's recovery--his sickness prevented Speaker of House of R. from writing him as per his promise. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, laminated, docketed by Lewis, watermark. Name on original manuscript appears as "Alex. Furnival."

Dates: 1789 July 3

Letter, Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr. to Robert Lewis, 1792 August 8

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1792.08.08
Identifier: A-301.183
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Mount Vernon. Mr. P. Lyons Jr. in Richmond, who does business for John Hopkins, gave for the President some public papers "which had been funded by you" -- requests the receipt which was given at the time for the certificates -- please forward it since you must have it. Autograph letter signed, draft, docketed by Dandridge, watermark. Name on original manuscript appears as "B. Dandridge." Not in Writings.

Dates: 1792 August 8

Letter, Bushrod Washington to Robert Lewis, 1828 June 30

 Item — Box 53, Folder: 1828.06.30
Identifier: RM-173; MS-2518
Scope and Contents

Draft copy. A.L.S. 1 page. Bushrod Washington calls Robert Lewis's attention to the matter that certain sources have not paid their obligations and that the duty of legally enforcing such payment may be necessary. Name on original manuscript appears as "Bush Washington." Autograph letter signed, (Draft-Copy).

Dates: 1828 June 30

Letter, from Robert Lewis, 1799 February 13

 Item — Box 31, Folder: 1799.02.13
Identifier: A-301.258
Scope and Contents

He writes that he received a copy of an earlier letter to Maj. Harrison [Nov. 4]--desires to take Young Royal Gift to his stable to stand--another Jack in Culpeper now will cut down profits of the stud service--collection of rents goes badly--plight of tenants pitiable--tenants in Frederick and Berkeley mostly paid up--he will come to Mt. Vernon to bring rents and attend the marriage of his brother Lawrence with Miss [Eleanor Parke] (Nelly) Custis.

Dates: 1799 February 13

Letter, from Robert Lewis, 1800

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1800.00.00
Identifier: A-625.2.1
Scope and Contents Received through brother Lawrence [Lewis] news that she desires settlement of rental for preceeding year--assures her he would have brought it sooner, had he had it, "... as it has ever been a rule with me never to retain money in my hands which was intended for or belonged to another person."--has $100, and hopes to get rest from sheriff when the executions are returned--requests that she pay no account against part of estate under his management--many claims against General's estate which...
Dates: 1800

Letter, from Robert Lewis, 1800 May 1

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1800.05.01
Identifier: A-301.260
Scope and Contents

Lewis writes his aunt that a backward spring and plowing prevent him coming to bring rental money--Mr. Daingerfield, "a young Gentleman that lives with me" will deliver money--please give him receipt.

Dates: 1800 May 1

Letter, Gabriel Peterson Van Horne to Robert Lewis, 1790 May 20

 Item — Box 18, Folder: 1790.05.13
Identifier: A-301.64
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Baltimore. Directed by Hon. Capt. Furneval, this letter asks Lewis' interceding in behalf of "our Old Friend" to gain an appointment as Postmaster in Baltimore. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, docketed by Lewis (?) watermark. Name on original manuscript appears as "G. P. van Horne."

Dates: 1790 May 20

Letter, George Augustine Washington to Robert Lewis, 1792 March 25

 Item — Box 21, Folder: 1792.03.25
Identifier: A-750.19
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 2 pages. Mount Vernon. Returned in December from "a winter campaign" -- asks pardon for not sending down the Phaeton Box and apron sooner -- wish him success in his business for the President -- Mr. Muse would not apply for money not due him, so President says give him money on proper explanation -- perhaps he hadn't finished last year's collection -- greetings from Fanny extended. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, laminated, docketed by R. Lewis, watermark. Name on original...
Dates: 1792 March 25

Letter, Jared Sparks to Robert Lewis, 1828 February 25

 Item — Box 53, Folder: 1828.02.25
Identifier: RM-862; MS-5319
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Send thanks for copies of George Washington letters but disappointed in not receiving GW autographs "as it was my intention to distribute them in Europe among eminent persons ... I was particularly gratified with your account of Gen. Washington's devotional habits ..." Autograph letter signed, integral cover.

Dates: 1828 February 25

Letter, Joshua Barney to Robert Lewis, 1789 July 5

 Item — Box 15, Folder: 1789.07.05
Identifier: A-750
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Sends copy of Committee's report on mode of collecting taxes--how does his memorial stand with President?--any chance of employment?--amusements in N.Y.--hopes President is recovered. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, laminated, docketed, postmarked "Balt. July 5." Name on original manuscript appears as "Joshua Barney." [Barney sailed miniature ship "The Federalist" to Mount Vernon in 1788; gift of merchants of Baltimore.]

Dates: 1789 July 5

Letter, Lawrence Lewis to Robert Lewis, 1803 July 22

 Item — Box 38, Folder: 1803.07.22
Identifier: A-301
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Alexandria. Lawrence writes that he has received Roberts letter and Winchester's order for $1818. -- it will be placed to Roberts account with executors of General Washington on account of Roberts purchase of a tract of land in Berkeley. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, docketed by R. Lewis (?), "Letter from Lawce. Lewis on account of monies received for the Execrs. of Genl. Washington". Name on original manuscript appears as "Law. Lewis."

Dates: 1803 July 22

Letter, Lawrence Lewis to Robert Lewis, 1815 September 22

 Item — Box 44, Folder: 1815.09.22
Identifier: A-625
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 3 pages. Woodlawn. Lawrence writes to console his brother Robert on the recent death of his son, who was preserved so long to him, which only made the wound deeper -- Lawrence offers Christian consolations -- postscript says that the watch key was received as gift. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, watermark, in pencil "on my brother Robert's death 1823." Name on original manuscript appears as "Law. Lewis."

Dates: 1815 September 22

Letter, Robert Lewis to Betty Washington Lewis, 1790 February 26

 Item — Box 17, Folder: 1790.02.26
Identifier: A-625.5
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Happy at receiving her letter and sister Carter's lengthy one -- sorry to hear of illness and deaths among the negroes, "... Temple in particular as he was a hearty, strong young fellow and arrived at an age when his services might have compensated his master or mistress for the trouble which is attendant on raising young negroes and the expense incurred, previous to their attaining the age of manhood" -- they have been busy moving the president's household to more commodious...
Dates: 1790 February 26

Letter, Robert Lewis to Betty Washington Lewis, 1790 July 11

 Item — Box 18, Folder: 1790.07.11
Identifier: A-301.67
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 3 pages. New York. Received her letter by Mr. Garnett and one from brother George--her indisposition--hopes to be in Va. within a month--Congress hopes to be able to adjourn by then--G.W. very well, as is Mrs. W.--hopes locket she requested has reached her. Autograph letter signed, laminated, watermark. Date on original catalog card appears as [c.1790] July 11.

Dates: 1790 July 11

Letter, Robert Lewis to Bushrod Washington, 1827 December 14

 Item — Box 52, Folder: 1827.12.14
Identifier: RM-173; MS-2524
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Fredericksburg. Lewis tells Bushrod that he is mindful of his obligation on the part of Genl. Washington's Estate. He reports that two gentlemen have funds of his in their hands which he shall authorize his brother to collect. He will borrow from a bank in order to cover the rest of the obligation. Name on original manuscript appears as "Robt. Lewis."

Dates: 1827 December 14

Letter, Robert Lewis to Bushrod Washington, 1828 July 22

 Item — Box 53, Folder: 1828.07.22
Identifier: RM-173; MS-2523
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. Fredericksburg. Lewis reports that he has nearly recovered from a serious illness. He relates that suits have been instituted against his debtors in order to meet his engagements with the Executors of Genl. Washington. Lewis will be in Fredrick, he hopes, during the month of August and would like to meet Bushrod there in order to explain more satisfactorily his prospects. Name on original manuscript appears as "Robt. Lewis."

Dates: 1828 July 22

Letter, Robert Lewis to John Bassett, 1790 November 14

 Item — Box 19, Folder: 1790.11.14
Identifier: A-301.67
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 3 pages. Mount Vernon. Encloses a letter -- wrote letters to him and friend from Fredericksburg, to go by a county representative to the assembly -- best way to send letters to him is by post or a friend -- postmasters are more particular in sending letters addressed to our family than they are of others -- sick family at Mt. Vernon -- Bassett's sister and brother had visited and brought influenza -- Lewis and others leave Mt. Vernon on 22nd for Philadelphia. Autograph letter signed,...
Dates: 1790 November 14

Letter, Robert Lewis to Lawrence Lewis, 1795 August 12

 Item — Box 26, Folder: 1795.08.12
Identifier: RM-457; MS-3498
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Informs his brother that he is intending to visit Mt. Vernon and requests that he collect John Ariss' rent. Mentions his mothers health, she is now in Culpepper. Will take Judy and Harriott Washington with him to MV. Judy sends a present of two night caps. Integral cover (mutilated).

Dates: 1795 August 12

Letter, Robert Lewis to Miss I. Brown, undated no. 145 (October 29)

 Item — Box 86, Folder: undated no. 145
Identifier: RM-74; MS-2177
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Describes his travels since leaving her at Elsing Green ... Name on original manuscript appears as "Robt. Lewis."

Dates: undated no. 145 (October 29)

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