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Lear, Tobias, 1762-1816


Found in 136 Collections and/or Records:

Account, Tobias Lear, 1799 November 9-December 14

 Item — Box 33, Folder: 1799.11.09
Identifier: RM-115; MS-2292
Scope and Contents

Account, Document signed, 1 page. Though it is now in two pieces, amount due Lear is $42.24. Signed by Lear as being correct.

Dates: 1799 November 9-December 14

Accounts with Pope and Cadle, 1789 April 30-May 22

 Item — Box 22, Folder: 1789.04.30
Identifier: 2018-SC-040
Scope and Contents PA list of accounts addressed to His Excellency Gen. Washington Esq. from the firm of Pope and Cadle, who sold lace, silk, and other hosiery at 12 William Street, New York. The document shows that on April 30, the day of his inauguration, Washington purchased 3 hat tassels. In May, he purchased 3 pairs of white silk hose and 28 yards livery lace. A note at the bottom states that one pair of hose was for Tobias Lear, who paid for them separately.It is likely that the hat tassels...
Dates: 1789 April 30-May 22

Bill, John Barnes to Tobias Lear, 1790 November 22

 Item — Box 19, Folder: 1790.11.22
Identifier: W-1310/A.58
Scope and Contents

Bill. A.D.S. 1 page. Philadelphia. Bill for 1 box superior Hyson tea amounting to £20.18.9. Autograph document signed, fragment laminated, docketed twice, once by Lear, "No. 257 Receipt Jno. Barnes £20.18.9 22nd Novr. 1790," and Rect. Jno. Barnes Novr. 22. [1]790 £20.18.9", incomplete watermark. Receipted at same time by John Barnes.

Dates: 1790 November 22

Cover of letters, Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 1789-1790

 Item — Box 16, Folder: 1789.00.00
Identifier: A-283.54
Scope and Contents

1 page docketed. Laminated. This cover came with all the letters to Biddle from Lear.

Dates: 1789-1790

Eleanor Calvert Custis Stuart to Tobias Lear, 1790 February 28

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

This collection consists of papers collected by various members of the Peter families. It includes letters from George Washington, letters of condolence to Martha Washington after George Washington’s death, estate documents, Major George Peter’s military papers, land plats and surveys, photo albums, letterbooks, and notebooks that tell of the life of this prominent family in Virginia and the City of Washington.

Dates: 1790 February 28

Eleanor Calvert Custis Stuart to Tobias Lear, probably 1790 September

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed, undated, with integral free franked address panel. Eleanor Calvert Custis Stuart to Tobias Lear, New York. Docketed in Lear's hand as received 2 October 1790. Eleanor writes of her unhappiness at being parted from her children Nelly and Wash.

Dates: probably 1790 September

Eleanor Calvert Custis Stuart to Tobias Lear, 1790 October 3

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed with integral free franked address panel. Eleanor Calvert Custis Stuart, Mount Vernon, to Tobias Lear, New York. Eleanor writes about the lottery and her family, noting that "My Dear Nelly & Wash. are still spoilt by Grand Mama but chearfully obey every word I say to them."

Dates: 1790 October 3

Eleanor Calvert Custis Stuart to Tobias Lear, probably 1790 February 7

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter unsigned in the hand of Eleanor Calvert Custis Stuart and most likely addressed to Tobias Lear. The letter is dated 7 February with no year but was most likely written in 1790, since it mentions Lear's first marriage, which occured in 1790.

Dates: probably 1790 February 7

Estate account, George Augustine Washington with Tobias Lear, 1801 January

 Item — Box 37, Folder: 1801.01.00
Identifier: RM-53; MS-4538.1
Scope and Contents

D.S. 6 pages. Account copy of "The Estate of George A. Washington in acct. with Tobias Lear, Administrator." An acct. of GAW's estate transactions as kept by Lear. Also included are copies of court documents ordering debts to be paid to the estate (dated Jan. 1801); acknowledgement of examination of the acct. (dated April 14, 1801); and an order for the acct. to be recorded (dated April 21, 1801). Document signed, on George Washington's water mark paper.

Dates: 1801 January

Estate statement to Fairfax County Court, Tobias Lear, 1801 May 16

 Item — Box 37, Folder: 1801.05.16
Identifier: RM-530; MS-4539
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 1 page. "I hereby relinquish the Administration of the Estate of the late George Augustine Washington and agreeably to an order of the Court of Fairfax County, and deliver up all and Singular the Decendents Estate which has come to my hand as Admr."

Dates: 1801 May 16

Invitation, John Sinclair to Tobias Lear, 1794 January 30

 Item — Box 24, Folder: 1794.01.30
Identifier: RM-955; MS-5509
Scope and Contents

D.S. 1 page. Invites Mr. Lear to dinner on the following Sunday to meet Lord Sheffield, Whitehall. Docketedwith seal to Mr. Lear No. 33 Surry Street.

Dates: 1794 January 30

Ledger, Mount Vernon distillery and fishery ledger, 1799-1801

Identifier: RM-929; MS-5468
Scope and Contents

In the handwriting of Tobias Lear (1762-1816), Washington's private secretary, and James Anderson, Mount Vernon's farm and subsequent distillery manager from 1797 to the time of Washington's death in 1799. Washington endorsed the ledger twice and approved accounts for fisheries, whiskey, shad, and herring.

Dates: 1799-1801

Letter, Alexander Macomb to Tobias Lear, 1790 January 30

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 1790.01.30
Identifier: RM-518; MS-4170
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter, 1 p. with integral address panel. Macomb informs Lear, “the house which the Count de Moustier occupied, is at the service of the President from the 1st of May next.”

Dates: 1790 January 30

Letter, Alexander Macomb to Tobias Lear, 1790 January 31

 Item — Box 16, Folder: 1790.01.31
Identifier: W-1310/A.52
Scope and Contents

A.L. Received his letter and will render any assistance he can for President--is sure an exchange of houses can be accomplished--can treat for any part of furniture which might be wanted--will see Mr. Lear at his home this evening. Autograph letter, in first person, integral cover, docketed by Lear, laminated, watermark. Name on original manuscript appears as "Mr. Macomb."

Dates: 1790 January 31

Letter, Caleb Swan to Tobias Lear, 1799 November 9

 Item — Box 33, Folder: 1799.11.09
Identifier: RM-115; MS-2291
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 1 page. A Letter-account itemizing the amount due Lear for forage and subsistence for Sept.-Oct., 1799. $234.39 is the amount totaled up. Name on original manuscript appears as "C. Swan, P. M. General."

Dates: 1799 November 9

Letter, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney to Tobias Lear, 1799 December 17

 Item — Box 34, Folder: 1799.12.17
Identifier: 2018-SC-073-001
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed with integral address panel. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney writes from Harper's Ferry three days after George Washington's death offering his condolences for this "irreparable loss" to Tobias Lear at Mount Vernon, Martha Washington, and Nelly Parke Custis Lewis.

Dates: 1799 December 17

Letter, David Humphreys to Tobias Lear, 1791 October 16

 Item — Box 20, Folder: 1791.10.16
Identifier: RM-961; MS-5519
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 6 pages. Lisbon. Humphreys was a Revolutionary War hero from Conn. and writer of the "Hartford Wit." He writes to G. Washington's secretary, T. Lear, of his life in Portugal. Sends messages to G. Washington and members of his family. Autograph letter, signed "D. Humphreys." Docketed by Lear on the blank final page--"From Col. Dav. Humphreys."

Dates: 1791 October 16

Letter, Eleanor Stuart to Tobias Lear, 1788 January 15

 Item — Box 12, Folder: 1788.01.15
Identifier: RM-629; MS-4549
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Mount Airy. Thanks him for his condolences and offer of help upon her afflictions. Autograph letter signed, integral cover, docketed by T. Lear. Name on original manuscript appears as "Eleanor Stuart."

Dates: 1788 January 15

Letter, Eleanor Stuart to Tobias Lear, 1789 July 8

 Item — Box 15, Folder: 1789.07.08
Identifier: RM-629; MS-4550
Scope and Contents A.L.S. 4 pages. Happy over her children's situation [in N.Y.] -- glad "My good Mama [Martha Washington] ... has at last seen the necessity of making the Dr. children respect as well as love her, for that they never wou'd have done had she continued her former improper indulgence to them."--their sisters are with her--death of Mr. Richard the printer--doesn't approve of taking her daughters [Eliza and Martha Custis] to Alexandria feast and merriment--requests him to have a butter print made...
Dates: 1789 July 8

Letter, Eleanor Stuart to Tobias Lear, 1789 August 19

 Item — Box 15, Folder: 1789.08.19
Identifier: RM-629; MS-4551
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 2 pages. Abingdon. Chides him for not writing - news from George [A. Washington] and family at Mount Vernon. Autograph letter signed, docketed by Lear, integral cover. Name on original manuscript appears as "Eleanor Stuart." Date on original catalog card appears "[1789] August 19."

Dates: 1789 August 19

Letter, Eleanor Stuart to Tobias Lear, 1789 October 8

 Item — Box 16, Folder: 1789.10.08
Identifier: RM-629; MS-4552
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 3 pages. Abingdon. Has never allowed herself to join general cry against him--wishes Bett and Patt [Eliza and Martha Custis] could have same advantages as her other children--guests--a boating accident in front of her house. Autograph letter signed, docketed by Lear.Name on original manuscript appears as "Eleanor Stuart." Date on original catalog card appears as "[1789] Oct. 8."

Dates: 1789 October 8

Letter, Eleanor Stuart to Tobias Lear, 1790 April 18

 Item — Box 17, Folder: 1790.04.18
Identifier: RM-629; MS-4553
Scope and Contents

A.L.S. 3 pages. Abingdon. His approaching marriage--her unhappiness--had hoped to see her children this summer--her concern over Nelly--fears she will be spoiled by too much attention--"her Dear Grandmama is too much pleased with the attentions paid to Nelly to judge of their impropriety. Autograph letter signed, docketed by Lear "April 12th 1790." Name on original manuscript appears as "Eleanor Stuart."

Dates: 1790 April 18

Letter, Jonathan Young to Tobias Lear, 1789 May 9

 Item — Box 14, Folder: 1789.05.09
Identifier: RM-955; MS-5508

Letter, to Arthur Young, 1793 September 1

 Item — Box 6, Folder: 1793.09.01
Identifier: A-301.29
Scope and Contents

Introduces Tobias Lear, who goes to Europe to carry into effect his plans for an "extensive commercial establishment" at the Federal City -- Lear can explain his long delay in writing -- encloses Mr. Richard Peters' and Mr. Thomas Jefferson's answers to his queries about American agriculture -- if there are any questions, ask Lear.

Dates: 1793 September 1

Letter, to Clement Biddle, 1800 March 8

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1800.03.08
Identifier: RM-869; MS-5329
Scope and Contents

Lear writes for widow Martha Washington referring to a previous request for some black kid gloves and now adds to it a request "a pair of blk silk and a pair of blk kid shoes made by Mr. Fenton ..." Asks Biddle to write to one of George Washington's executors, Lawrence Lewis, to settle his account with George Washington's estate.

Dates: 1800 March 8

Letter, to David Hale, 1800 October 31

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1800.10.31
Identifier: MSS-288
Scope and Contents

Acknowledges in Martha Washington's behalf receipt of his letter and the oration [he gave on Independence Day]--thanks him for expressions of sympathy.

Dates: 1800 October 31

Letter, to General Henry Lee, 1800 April 20

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1800.04.20
Identifier: MSS-280
Scope and Contents

At Mrs. Washington's request, acknowledges his letter, communicating Congress's assent to extend to her the franking privilege.

Dates: 1800 April 20

Letter, to Governor Martin, 1791 November 14

 Item — Box 5, Folder: 1791.11.14
Identifier: W-422
Scope and Contents

Washington writes to North Carolina's Governor that he has received letter with notice of cession of land in North Carolina for building lighthouses -- mentions recent southern tour -- thanks him for reception in North Carolina -- object was "To see with my own eyes the situation of the Country, and to learn on the spot the condition and disposition of our Citizens." Written in the hand of Tobias Lear.

Dates: 1791 November 14

Letter, to Janet Montgomery, 1800 April 5

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1800.04.05
Identifier: MSS-276
Scope and Contents

Written on behalf of Martha Washington. Expresses thanks for her letter of condolence--they have both suffered great losses.

Dates: 1800 April 5

Letter, to Jedediah Huntington, 1800 January 15

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1800.01.15
Identifier: MSS-264
Scope and Contents

Writes in Mrs. Washington's behalf to thank him for letter of sympathy.

Dates: 1800 January 15