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Anderson, James, 1745-1807



Found in 19 Collections and/or Records:

Account with Patrick Callahan, 1797 February 7-August 26

 Item — Box 29, Folder: 1797.02.07
Identifier: W-1310/A.68
Scope and Contents

D.S. 1 page. Account with Patrick Callahan as miller for G.W. Includes herring, flour, beef, etc. supplied by G.W. and cash paid him as part of his hire as miller - £52.8.0 balances out.

Dates: 1797 February 7-August 26

Accounts of Martha Washington with Captain Daniel Lecoeke for 790 bushels of corn, 1800 May 2

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents

Receipt signed "Daniel Lecock" for payment received by the hands of James Anderson on behalf of Martha Washington for 790 bushels of corn on 2 May 1800.

Dates: 1800 May 2

Accounts of Martha Washington with William Jones, 1800 February 4

 Item — Box 13, Folder: 01
Scope and Contents

A list of clothing purchased by Martha Washington from William Jones of Alexandria. Includes suits purchased for enslaved workers Daniel, Marcus, Christopher, and Frank. According to notes on the verso, payments were received from James Anderson on 12 April 1800 and 15 May 1800.

Dates: 1800 February 4

Accounts of Martha Washington with William Keating, 1800 April 23-1801 November 10

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 23
Scope and Contents

Accounts dated 23 April-23 September 1800 for weaving yards of cotton, wool, and other fabrics. The payments are marked as having been paid "By balance due the Estate of General Washington," by cash, by 41 gallons of whiskey, and barrells of herring. The final payment is marked as received from James Anderson on 10 November 1801.

Dates: 1800 April 23-1801 November 10

Bill, John and Jason Scott to the estate of George Washington, 1799 December 23

 Item — Box 34, Folder: 1799.12.23
Identifier: RM-348; MS-3050
Scope and Contents

Bill. A.D.S. 3 pages. Addressed to James Anderson. Bill for mourning suits made for family and servants to wear when around the Mansion. Noted with monies received. Misnumbered on the top right corner as 'MS-2350,' corrected in the catalog book to MS-3050.

Dates: 1799 December 23

Bill, John and Thomas Vowells to James Anderson, 1797 December 10 - 1798 January 10

 Item — Box 31, Folder: 1797.12.10
Identifier: W-817/F
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 1 page. Alexandria. Account with Vowells for 22 1/2 bushels flaxseed delivered to them and received in exchange 26 3/4 bushels salt. Autograph document signed, laminated, endorsed on back "No. 48."

Dates: 1797 December 10 - 1798 January 10

Bill, John Vowell and Thomas Vowell to James Anderson, 1798 February 1

 Item — Box 31, Folder: 1798.02.01
Identifier: W-817/E
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 1 page. Alexandria. Autograph document signed, fragment, endorsed on back, marked "No. 47", laminated. A bill for one hogshead. Receipted by Thos. Vowell.

Dates: 1798 February 1

Estate, Account of George Washington with Edward Stabler, 1801 January 14

 Item — Box 9, Folder: 07
Scope and Contents

A list of accounts between the Estate of George Washington and Alexandria apothecary Edward Stabler, including purchases for Turlington's Balsam, castor oil, arsenic, balsam copaiva, British oil, salts, purified Salt Petre, cantharides, ipecacuanha, laudanum, tumeric, and opodildo. Payments are marked as received by James Anderson.

Dates: 1801 January 14

Ledger, Mount Vernon distillery and fishery ledger, 1799-1801

Identifier: RM-929; MS-5468
Scope and Contents

In the handwriting of Tobias Lear (1762-1816), Washington's private secretary, and James Anderson, Mount Vernon's farm and subsequent distillery manager from 1797 to the time of Washington's death in 1799. Washington endorsed the ledger twice and approved accounts for fisheries, whiskey, shad, and herring.

Dates: 1799-1801

Letter, from James Anderson, 1796 September 11

 Item — Box 29, Folder: 1796.09.11
Identifier: A-283.109
Scope and Contents Anderson writes that his failure to answer Washington’s earlier queries was not caused by deceit--he then relates his background and experience in farming north of Edinburgh, Scotland, in the English border lands, and in America--he came to U.S. in 1791--has seen Mt. Vernon estate--mentions the distillery he runs on Salvington plantation and that he thinks a properly conducted distillery of much gain to owner--mentions crop rotation and the use of manure as necessary components in improving...
Dates: 1796 September 11

Letter, to James Anderson, 1797 February 20

 Item — Box 12, Folder: 1797.02.20
Identifier: A-301.56
Scope and Contents

Washington acknowledges receipt of Andersons reports & letter -- Andersons opinion of the overseers is no doubt correct, and "if the Negroes will not do their duty by fair means, they must be compelled to do it" -- despite Washingtons policy of feeding, clothing, and caring for the slaves, they will try to shirk their work with feigned sickness especially after night walking, and must be examined promptly when claiming sickness.

Dates: 1797 February 20

Letter, to James Anderson, 1796 September 5

 Item — Box 12, Folder: 1796.09.05
Identifier: A-283.108
Scope and Contents Washington writes that since Anderson didn't answer many of his queries, nothing can be decided about his employment until Washington can see him, which will be at Mt. Vernon at end of month--Washington expected him to speak with candor about his qualifications, although he is “sensible it is not a pleasant thing for any man to speak of himself”--as Washington will reside on the estate from now on, much work will be taken off superintendant's shoulders--Washington describes the writing of...
Dates: 1796 September 5

Receipt, Bean Cawood to James Anderson, 1797 April 7

 Item — Box 29, Folder: 1796.04.07
Identifier: W-1310/A.70
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 1 page. Receipt for two pounds for knitting seine twine into a centre for a Seine. Autograph document signed, in hand of Anderson, fragment, laminated, docketed "No. 381", Rect. 7 April 1797 [L?] Caywood for Kniting a Siene £2."

Dates: 1797 April 7

Receipt, James Anderson to Thomas Carwood, 100 Fish Barrels, 1800 May 15

 Item — Box 7, Folder: 21
Scope and Contents

Receipt for $25 paid by Thomas Carwood to James Anderson for 100 barrels of fish from Mount Vernon.

Dates: 1800 May 15

Receipt, Patrick Callahan to James Anderson, 1797 February 17

 Item — Box 29, Folder: 1797.02.17
Identifier: W-1310/A.69
Scope and Contents

Receipt. A.D.S. 1 page. Receipt for $30. on account of "my hire" [as miller for G.W.] Autograph document signed, in hand of Anderson, fragment, laminated, docketed "No. 379, 1797 Feby. 17th Patrick Callahan for £9. to acc. of his hire."

Dates: 1797 February 17

Receipt, Patrick Callahan to James Anderson, 1797 July 10

 Item — Box 30, Folder: 1797.07.10
Identifier: W-817C
Scope and Contents

A.D.S. 1 page. Receipt for $17.06. Autograph document signed, laminated, No. 387 endorsed receipt, badly faded.

Dates: 1797 July 10

Receipt, to James Anderson, 1800 June 21

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1800.06.21
Identifier: MSS-285
Scope and Contents

"Recd. of Mr. James Anderson Twenty two pounds four shillings & 7 1/2 d, being the Balce. pr. acct. recd. by him of P[hilip] Marsteller for rent of my House & Lot in Alexandria."

Dates: 1800 June 21

Receipts paid by James Anderson, 1800

 Item — Box 13, Folder: 01
Scope and Contents

Five receipts for goods and services paid for by James Anderson in 1800, including repairs to old shoes, paper lampblack, freight for one box from Philadelphia, 93 yards of cloth, and leather.

Dates: 1800

The Philadelphia Gazette and Universal Daily Advertiser, Philadelphia, PA, 1800 May 30

Identifier: RM-1018; NEWS-5645

Plantation manager James Anderson places an advertisement in the Philadelphia Gazette and Universal Daily Advertiser, 30 May 1800, found on page 4. At the bottom of column 2 is a notice for Marcus, a runaway slave and household servant at Mount Vernon including a physical description. Marcus belonged to Martha Washington.

Dates: Publication: 1800 May 30